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Sorry - I hit the wrong key

Supplement dosage provider

benfotiamine 300 mg/day - 2 doses iherb - Doctor's Best
methylcobalamin 5 mg/day iherb - Jarrows methyl B12 5000
P5P 50 mg/day iherb - Now Foods Coenzyme B6
folate 1600 mcg/day - 2 doses iherb - MetaFolin by Solgar
magnesium 1/2 of RDA WalMart - SlowMag 2/day
iherb - Ionic Fizz mag Plus
acetyl-L-carnitine 500 mg;/day - 2 doses iherb
grapeseed extract 300 mg/day costco
r-lipoic acid 600 mg iherb

These have questions
D3 5000 IU/day ?
curcumin ? epic5health - Curcugel 500
CoQ10 ? ?
zinc ? ?
calcium ? ?
glucosamine ? ?
omega-3 fish oil 1200 mg - 2 doses ?
d-ribose ? Puritan's Pride

I have not had any labs done on these levels - I am scheduled to meet Friday with the nurse practitioner of one of the two local neurologists who I have been told works with Neuropathy - can't get an appt with the dr until Oct.
I am in Mississippi. Do you have knowledge of doctos/centers in the Southeast - someone to recommend? I have read of Dr. Norman Latov in NY on this website. I want to take the best steps I can in dealing with this - these neuropathic symptoms of burning and pins and needles started within the last two months and it has taken a toll on my life. I am so grateful for this website - you have all given me hope and inspiration - thank you.
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