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I am going to put my comments in red within your quote:
If I don't comment, that means okay.

Originally Posted by sojourner777 View Post
Sorry - I hit the wrong key

Supplement dosage provider

benfotiamine 300 mg/day - 2 doses iherb - Doctor's Best
methylcobalamin 5 mg/day iherb - Jarrows methyl B12 5000
P5P 50 mg/day iherb - Now Foods Coenzyme B6
folate 1600 mcg/day - 2 doses iherb - MetaFolin by Solgar
magnesium 1/2 of RDA WalMart - SlowMag 2/day
iherb - Ionic Fizz mag Plus
you don't need ionic fizz if you use the SlowMag and vice versa
acetyl-L-carnitine 500 mg;/day - 2 doses iherb
grapeseed extract 300 mg/day costco
r-lipoic acid 600 mg iherb
r-lipoic is very strong, I'd start at 50mg a day and if you feel okay with that --it can be stimulating-- then increase to 100mg a day. r-lipoic is more potent than alpha type, which the 600mg would be more appropriate. I wouldn't go over 100mg a day of r-lipoic at this time.
These have questions
D3 5000 IU/day ?
If you get no sun at all in Mississippi, then 5000 IU is probably okay, but if you do get sun, I'd get tested to see exactly what dose you need. Most of the new recommendations on Vit D3 are you can start at 2000 IU safely without testing.
curcumin ? epic5health - Curcugel 500
one or two a day. You can start at one, to save some $$
CoQ10 ? ?
This can be expensive, so start at 100mg a day of enhance absorbing type..called Q-sorb at Puritan's

zinc ? ?
if you don't eat meat or seafood, then yes. But you won't need this if you are eating well and are not a vegetarian. OptiZinc is the best at one a day if you decide to use it
calcium ? ?
I just saw a new recommendation by a cardiologist who says taking high doses of calcium is not necessary and may not be safe when using high dose D3. So if you eat dairy and veggies, you may not need any calcium extra...if you take some don't go over 600mg at this time.
glucosamine ? ?
I don't see much benefit with this, save your $$ at this time. Studies do not show much value today.
omega-3 fish oil 1200 mg - 2 doses ?
d-ribose ? Puritan's PrideI'd save this for later...I am still trialing it for various effects. So far I find it helping with stamina and sleeping. But since it is expensive, save it for later, as you may not need it.

I have not had any labs done on these levels - I am scheduled to meet Friday with the nurse practitioner of one of the two local neurologists who I have been told works with Neuropathy - can't get an appt with the dr until Oct.
I am in Mississippi. Do you have knowledge of doctos/centers in the Southeast - someone to recommend? I have read of Dr. Norman Latov in NY on this website. I want to take the best steps I can in dealing with this - these neuropathic symptoms of burning and pins and needles started within the last two months and it has taken a toll on my life. I am so grateful for this website - you have all given me hope and inspiration - thank you.
I don't know of any doctors to consult ..others here may have ideas about that.

If you are postmenopausal, I'd use a vitamin product without iron. I don't know what is in your product, but there are many "senior" type products now, with minerals without iron. If you take a multi-- you probably won't need extra zinc.
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