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Welcome to NeuroTalk, Debbie.

I'd start with some topical pain interventions.

1) Biofreeze gel is an OTC product that stops burning for most people. You can buy it online if you search the name on Google.
Another OTC that is the same with another name, by the same company is Perform Gel. Then high % of menthol in these products stops burning pain quickly. (Perform is in some pharmacies locally or at least they can order it for you).

2) Another topical thing, which is RX only and expensive (I hope you have insurance) is Lidoderm patches. For your placement, I'd try first a 1/2 patch on the tops of your feet.

I really think topical interventions can work well for most people. They don't have the side effects that things like Lyrica have.

You might try soaking in epsom salts before bedtime. The magnesium in the salts often reduces pain. People who use epsom salts with success really should be using an oral supplement too, so if you try this and it helps, then moving on to oral would be a good idea. Magnesium is often low in most American diets, and when replaced can fix things and help with healing. Magnesium blocks a pain receptor called the NMDA receptor, and that is helpful too.
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