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Chat article and a query

Thanks for the information; I am taking it to my pain Dr. appointment next month. I do have a question about the pain. I take Lyrica for ne tingling and such but what I have are spots on the top of bones. Many headaches are relieved after rubbing around the bone on my eyesockets - I also have the bones in my shouldars, when massaged hurt like heck and I have a spot on my foot right on top of the bones. Do bones have nerves along them? Ialso have osteoarthritis from sports damage in my thoughless conceptual youth. I find the opiates take away the pain but only for a short time, eg. an hour or two and then I have to wait for the next dose of medication for another bit of time. I do find hot water showers and bottles work on the persistent and morning pain. Any suggestions or information is very welcome...Ithurts but I am positive.
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