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Thank you so much for your insight!

I have identical twins and the test results were the same for both. We took the blood test two years ago. We have been gluten free since then and decided not to do the biopsy. My sister was diagnosed with celiac disease >20 years ago but I never knew that it could be hereditary. After I had the boys' bloodwork done, I decided to do the Enterolab test for me, my husband, my mom and my dad. Results came back for all four of us above normal ranges (especially for my mom) for gluten and casein. I also had an older sister who died at the age of 5 due to intestinal complications. I wonder if she too had celiac disease. The autopsy report indicates "areas of chronic and acute inflammation" in the intestines and "total loss of mucosal structure" in the colon. Genetics for us were: 0202, 0503 (H), 0202, 0301 (F), 0303, 0501 (M) and 0203, 0303 (me). At the time that we did the testing, I couldn't find much information about anti-tTG IgG, so I appreciate your comments.

We recently sent in an intestinal permeability test for the boys, me and my husband to see to what extent the gut may still be compromised. I'll be interested in seeing what it says.

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