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Frown Recent Diagnosis of MP

I never realized so many people are affected by MP. Am currently experiencing pain, tingling, numbness in my right thigh, the pain is becoming more and more severe daily. I'm taking vicodin for pain, most often 2 pills at bedtime gives me some relief. Was given Lyreca to try, but after reading the side-effects, was too nervous to take it. After reading all the MP posts, I've decided I should try the Lyreca in hopes of some relief. It sounds as if there is no easy fix, but I'm really glad I found NeuroTalk because I've already learned what I'm dealing with, which is more info then my doctor has offered me so far.....time to switch docs! To those of you suffering with MP, I say fight on, persevere, hopefully you'll get relief sometime in the near future!!
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