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Default calorie burn with athetoid/dystonic movements?

Anyone have athetoid/dyskinetic CP and know how many calories they burn roughly a day (with no exercise) just from the involuntary movements?

Please state if your cp is mild, moderate or severe.

I would say my disability is mild on a good day (can type on communication aid and ipad, stand and walk for short periods with support, manage some wii fit exercises and passive trainer bike) and moderate on a bad day (several attacks of involuntary stiffening of arms and legs, struggle to keep balance to transfer/walk, arms shake more when trying to feed self, type etc) Anyone similar levels?

My weight/BMI needs to come down after was put on medications to control my symptoms and I've piled weight on. I'm trying to work out how many calories I will now burn without muscle relaxants etc to work out what my calorie input needs to be to lose weight.


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