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I was injured at work at the end of November, 2011. I have found this thread very useful – especially the points on getting the right kind of doctors to begin with. I would have never thought of that on my own.

I want to add two points.

1. A friend had me start a daily journal right from the beginning. I write down what symptoms are notable for the day, especially with glitches in memory and with speech. I write down the highlights of each doctor’s visit including what medication I am taking at what dosage and what they say is next.

I have a treating physician and a neurologist and they both get copies at each visit. They both genuinely appreciate it because hey have something they can point to concretely to show what progress there is and what progress there is to be made. In the absence of a positive CT or MRI, a journal helps them explain why I still need to be under their care and why am not yet cleared to drive or go to work. They have in writing and in front of them during the visit what the other doctor is doing. I thank my friend for getting me started this way.

2. I take a friend with me to every doctor’s visit. (Not necessarily the same friend each time)

I may think I am fine when I am with the doctor. By the time I have gotten to the car, I have forgotten the important facts from the visit. I find that my judgment of what is important isn’t necessarily the same as the judgment of a friend without a brain injury. My friend also can help express to the doctor some of the challenges I face, especially when I am not communicating clearly in the visit.
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