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Default Living in Canada- extreme MP pain

I had to go to the emergency ward at my local hospital, because I had so much pain in my right thigh, they told me to come back the next day for a ultra-sound, I had just come back from a trip and thought that I might have a blood clot in my leg. I did go back the next day and they told me I did not have a blood clot, and that it was probably just a pinched nerve, and not to worry. I have not slept for more than 3-4 hours a night in the last 1 1/2 weeks, I did some research, and I am convinced I have Meralgia paresthetica. Is there any Canadians on this board that are dealing with MP? The Canadaian health plan SUCKS!!! ( get ready Americans! it is going to get very UGLY) I know once I get to see my doctor it will be 6 months before I will get to see a specialist. Is there anything I can do myself to eleviate the pain ( beers not working ).

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