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Originally Posted by Margarite View Post
This is an awesome idea!!!!!

1) Realize that your doc probably doesn't know anything about concussions.

2) There really is not much to do for your problems


4) Treat your symptoms
If you are dizzy walk slowly and wear good shoes
If you have trouble with light wear sun-glasses
If you have trouble with noise try having some white noise to help

5) Have a daily journal of your symptoms throughout the day

6) Realize that people don't know how you feel, even when you tell them

7) You may be lucky and heal quickly, but it may take years

8) Research online there is a plethora of info

9) Realize that it you can learn to live with this...You are OK

10) You may have to stop doing sports (dancing), go to the gym instead

11) Pray, pray, pray!

12) Stress kills! Keep your neck loose not tight--best advice I got from a doc!

Finally just realize that you will be fine!
Don't hit your head again or it will get worse for a lot longer, but even then it will go away or you will learn to cope and live with it.
It can make you either a better or a worse person...your choice.
Sure it stinks, but as long as you have had a CT and MRI to prove that there is no bleeding or breakage then you won't die and you can become stronger from it.
Offer your time to others. This condition can cause you to become very self-absorbed, giving your time to others or even better giving your time to others worse off than you helps with the selfishness.

Good luck....I know it is a daily struggle. I am on month 23...It is still constant headaches, light and sound sensitivity, dizziness sometimes, nausea daily, trouble with concentration, worsening with activity, and constant fatigue. I got this from falling off a horse my freshman year of college, got 6 minor concussions afterwards from silly things within a year of the first. But I am in my junior year of college and plan to go to graduate school.

This has helped me to realize others' pain when they are suffering, it has made me want to go into nursing, it has helped me to learn how to manage my time better, and how to rely more on myself.

It is your choice.

Good Luck,
This is all still true a year latter when I now have 10 concussions and am about to graduate if I can make it through the next 3 weeks.

Fell off a horse in late winter of 2009 blacked out for a couple seconds, had amnesia for 10 hours (still don't remember this time), had 2 CT scans, 2 MRI's, 1 MRA all negative. Since the first concussion I have continually knocked my head into different things purely by accident or from being stupid. These many concussions over a short period of time have caused
constant migraines, nausea, and dizziness/lack of balance.
Migraine triggers are:
light sensitivity (especially to florescent or bright lights)
sound sensitivity (especially to high pitched or loud sounds)
temperature sensitivity (especially to cold or extreme heat)
activity (especially if breathing increases or head is jostled)
pressure on head (sinuses, hats, headbands, sunglasses, pony-tails)
lacks or quality (food, sleep, water)
tension (stress, tight muscles, tired eyes, sickness)
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