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I have had undiagnosis MP for 15 years. I have not suffered from the pain for the past 3 years, and finally diagnosed a few months ago.

If I stay sedentary Lyrica works great, if it is not, you are not taking enough, Taking More Causes Less Side Effects So when your doctor says take more gabalin (Neurontin) or pre-gabalin (Lyrica) they are not crazy. Taking 600mg of Lyrica is not uncommon and safe. If you feed drugged at 75-100mg of it, take more, it means you are not taking enough! Most people complaining about this medication never took enough to be theraputic. 2700-3600mg of gabalin is considered theraputic dosage for MP, anything below that can give you what I call chronic Drool syndrome.

Now that I've had some relief from Injections, and fully understand what is causing the pain, and what the flare ups are caused by, I can now exercise and move around much more. Deep Water Aerobics is a miracle for me. The Arthritis Foundation has $1 classes weekly at most YMCA's and other places. My Rec Center has a Lazy river that is mostly used for Water Walking. Water also calms the anxiety and depression, the root of suffering from the pain.

As a man, I tried lidoderm patches years ago and thought it was the most evil torture ever! I now shave my leg, and Lidoderm is the #1 way I reduce the pain when I am active or having a flare up.

Taking Opiods and morphine over a few months will increase your pain levels and anxiety which will cause you even more pain. Stay away from Opiods and Morphine on a daily basis, save these for the flare ups.

If you tried everything and nothing works, there are 2-3 clinics around the world that have intensive programs to manage your life with pain. The Pain level is reduced to a tolerable level, it works, and works well. I can't post links yet. but search on the Cleveland Clinic, Chronic Pain Rehabilitation Program. If you want a chance of getting back control of your life, this is the program. 5 days a week 8 hours a day under direct doctor care. Mayo Clinic, and there is one in Indiana. The American Chronic Pain Association was founded by patients of the CCF program. They have meetings in cities all over the world.

This week I go to the peripheral nerve center at the Cleveland Clinic. Like the doctor said above the injection removed a lot of the pain. Fingers crossed I can get perminate relief.

Get out of the house, move around, do something fun. Agoraphobia and Social Phobia run rampant with MP. It hurts to move, and if I move for too long it gets worse.. so Getting trapped in so much pain out in public scares the crap out of people with MP.

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