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Default seizures from stroke

I am a 52 year old stroke survivor. I had my stroke 2 years ago 2 days before I turned 50. Great birthday present I spent 2 weeks in the hospital and rehab. after 6 weeks I was able to return to work. On Labor Day weekend I had a major seizure. It was a result of my stroke. I am now having seizures every 4 to 6 months. I had quit my job a year after this happened because of the seizures. I remarried last year and have been at home since. I finally thought that I was ready to hold a job and go about my life as usual. On my first day on the job I didn't even get to clock in. I had another seizure. Needless to say I do not have that job anymore.
I am taking Keppra for my seizures. I am up to 1000mgs a day. My doctor is trying to get these to stop. The seizures I have are focal seizures. I am aware of everything going on and aware of my surroundings. I haven't had a real bad seizure since that first bad one.
I do not have insurance to cover this and it became clear to me that I will not be able to have a job. The one question bothering me is, "Am I eligible to apply for disability to cover my meds, my doctor appointments, my daily needs and everything?"
I realize I have to talk to my doctor about this and get him to approve. My next appointment is in December and to get in now, I have to get on a waiting list.
I don't know how much more my doctor can up my dosage. I already feel like a zombie half the time. I'm scared to drive. Already had a wreck due to a seizure. Thank God it was just a one vehicle wreck. I ran off the road and ended up beside train tracks. My guardian angel was with me that time.
Any suggestions or advice is welcome.
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