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Default B6 Toxicity

To make a long story short....
Was on B6 and B-complex supplements for years. Not sure how long or how much, but atleast 106mg-206mg per day.

Eventually deveoped:

tingling in head
hypersensitive skin - painful to light touch
tingling in left hand/fingers
weakness in left thumb
pins, pricks, needles in foot
tingling numbness in foot
weakness so severe in right leg- couldnt walk
electric-like currents and zaps
burning in right foot
muscle twitches/fasiculations
shivers down random parts of my body
severe fatigue
severe anxiety

Diagnosed with b6 Toxicity.

b6 level 141nmol/l in a range of 20-93 nmol/l
not significantly high, but had not taken supplements for a week before taking blood.

This is not a well-know cause of neuropathy.

Read some of the medhelp group b6 toxicity posts.
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