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Default ModelTalker Speech Synthesis System

ModelTalker Speech Synthesis System

The ModelTalker Speech Synthesis System is a revolutionary software package designed to benefit people who are losing or who have already lost their ability to speak. It allows people with ALS or other conditions to use a synthetic version of their own voice for communication, or to choose a voice best suited to represent them.

The system uses representative segments of recorded speech (either from an individual who is losing the ability to speak or from a person chosen by someone who can no longer speak) to create a unique synthetic voice. This synthetic voice is virtually unlimited, meaning it can be used to express almost anything, including words and phrases not previously recorded. The voice "banking" process is guided by InvTool, our computer-assisted voice recording software. Once this process is finished, an individual will be able to create a synthetic voice by uploading their recordings to an automated voice generation site. The voice, when combined with our ModelTalker speech engine, can then be used with any communication system that is SAPI 5.0 compatible.

To illustrate the potential of this software, below is an interactive text-to-speech form that will demonstrate ModelTalker when used with a professionally recorded and edited female voice.

Please type in some sample text: hello bobby

Here are some additional samples from synthetic voices that have been created by the current beta version of ModelTalker. These synthetic voices were automatically generated from recordings in home or office environments with inexpensive microphones and sound cards. No human editing of the original speech waveforms was done.

Sample 1 (female)
Sample 2 (male)
Sample 3 (male)
Sample 4 (female)

Currently, the complete ModelTalker System is in the early stages of commercial development and we are actively seeking beta testers. If you are interested in participating, please contact us.


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