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Default two blood patches

Hi there - I had two lumbar blood patches. The first one, was a nightmare. The resident had a hard time getting through ( kept hitting bone) and after the procedures, nurses had me up and standing, twisting, bending over to see if it 'took' (hmph! It sure didn't!) and after that experience, I ended up having a second one elsewhere.

The second one worked great and sealed my leak up. I went from having low pressure for over 2 months to a sudden high pressure but my doctor was terrific. He recognized it immediately (he had called me at home to check up on me - who does that these days?)

Anyway the doc made sure that all the staff followed best practices the second time - I laid flat on my back for over 2 hours, no bending or craziness. It was a completely painless, different experience from the first blood patch and I am thankful everyday that it worked.
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