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Originally Posted by hopeful2013 View Post
I've had a spontaneous CSF leak for over 6 years and have already had 2 unsuccessful surgeries to close my leak. Now my doctor (Dr. Schievink, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) is recommending that I have a new type of surgery where he opens up the dura, rolls the spinal cord to the side, and sutures the hole from inside the dura. Has anyone had this surgery? If so, what was your recovery like and was your surgery successful? Thank you for you assistance in helping me to make a difficult, yet informed, decision.
hi, i have had 4 surgeries in past 18 months for a spontaneous leak. the third left me with scar tissue and i have alot of nerve pain. had scar tissue removed, but am having same symptoms and am going in for #5 soon. hope it will help. if you live a somewhat normal life, think long and hard about your decision. i am stuck in bed all the time at this point.
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