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Hi all. When I was a freshman in high school (2009) I began to have a chronic headache all day, every day and it hasn't gone away. It is like a squeezing pressure. I have seen many doctors- neurologists, neurosurgeons, dentists etc. The Jefferson Headache Clinic in Philadelphia called it New Daily Persistant Headache, other dr's have just called it chronic daily headache. I was on Fioricet for several years which helped but they made me stop taking it, as it is addictive.

I also get frequent migraines on top of the daily headaches.

I have a Chiari malformation and a syrinx, but because of the nature of my headaches, the doctors say they are unrelated. Also, because I am able to function (I finished college, can work, etc), the doctors say I don't need surgery.

Just wanted to share and see if anyone had any advice. Thanks.
Just adding to this, it's been since 2004, not 09, sorry. Also, I have tried Botox and it did not help
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