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I realize that you posted this quite some time ago, but I also had quite a few of the same problems that you had with neuropathy. I have several herniated disks in my back and have suffered with chronic pain since I was about 21 - I am currently 47. Due to this I don't get out much and am unable to do most any kinds of exercise. Around 5 years ago I started getting severe joint pain, tingling and "electric shocks" in my hands and feet. My pain management Dr. prescribed Neurontin, Gavapantin, Lyrica and a whole host of other things that either did absolutely nothing, or made me feel even worse (breathing difficulty/depression, etc.). I had heard that taking magnesium could help with nerve pain, but the key was that it had to be taken with calcium. I started taking one 400mg magnesium/200mg calcium capsule 3 times a day and I almost immediately began to feel better. The joint pain and tingling disappeared and I had more energy than I'd had in years. I also take a multi vitamin that is high in Bs (and contains B complex) every morning and drink protein shakes throughout the day. I believe one of the problems people run into is the inability to get proper nutrition through the food we eat. The more I put the right kinds of vitamins and minerals into my diet, the better I began to feel. . .
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