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Red face CBD oil, anyone use this?

I am interested in others experiences. I am considering getting some for my arthritis.
I was informed by a friend to use the full spectrum CBD oil.and to use at least 600mg potency, my friend uses 1800mg and takes one dropper full and it usually lasts her 4 hours of relief.
That is not very long and sounds like a very high dose and I asked her how much money it costs as I have seen some cost

1000mg 40 doses 1/2doppler full=$139
She said that the strength needed to be 600mg or greater to be effective.
I am going to my health food store tomorrow to see what they have to say and what they charge.

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150mg of lamictal 2x a day
haldol 5mg 2x a day
1mg of cogentin 2x a day
klonipin , 1mg at night

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1000mg, 600mg, cbd, cost, friend

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