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Default adderall or alcoholic neuropathy

Hi, I am a 33 year old male. I started drinking (had my first drink) at 18 years old as a freshman in college. I drank socially through college but probably too much, i was in a fraternity, etc. After college through my 30s i was definitely a weekend drinker. Always having one or maybe two big nights of drinking with friends a week. I'd take It easy though if i started to feel like i was drinking too much. I didnt really ever feel like i was drinking more than anyone around me. just sort of keeping up with the pack. maybe sometimes more than others but generally about the same as most of my friends through my 20s. Ive always had a very busy work schedule so i havent ever really drank much during the week. just a lot of weekend social drinking.

during covid ive been working from home so ive been able to drink more during the week. I usually drink whisky and the most i ever drink any given night (and definitely not every night) for the past few months has been about 12.5 oz. Thats the most - i know its quite a bit. During the past couple of weeks ive noticed some tingling in my feet and fingers. Just a mild sensation that my feet (toes) are falling asleep and also today for the first time a little sensation in my fingers also like they are tingly but not numb. I drank quite a bit last weekend 4 nights in a row as i was away with a few friends on a trip. i didnt notice this feeling much over the weeknd really but i have noticed it this week and i definitely noticed it last week. I have been taking adderall to get more work done and only started that the week before last (sort of the exact time frame that ive began feeling this tingling)

Im worried that maybe i've developed alcoholic neuropathy. I'm generally very "****" about my health. I get regular physicals. i just had a physical last month with bloodwork and everything was great according to my physician.

Do you think ive drank enough to develop neuropathy as a 33 year old weekend drinker? I definitely don't have any nutritional problems. I'm healthy, i workout a lot (every week) and I eat a healthy diet. I suspect maybe the adderall is giving me this feeling (i took 30mg of adderall today and today is the worst day yet as far as severity of the feeling) but i'm also worried about alcoholic neuropathy.

Is alcoholic neuropathy usually reserved for those who drink a lot every day for a long period of time like ten or more years? I'm a young professinal, very busy at work and again havent ever really had a drinking habit during the week but yes there have been times where i've drank during the week but generally just a weekend drinker. or could someone like me also develop it? also, could adderall possibly be giving me these sensations?
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