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Default My experience with Choline/Acetylcholine

I'm putting this thread in the Alzheimer's section because it's focused on acetylcholine. If the MODs want to relocate it, please do so

Calling all Neurohackers

Back in the late 1980s I bought the book "Life Extension" by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw. It was my eye opening introduction to Neurohacking. The book mostly advocated for mega dosing B vitamins, which did work for me. I had more physical energy than I did when I was a teenager.. My muscles felt like tight energetic rubber

In the 1980s B vitamins were HUGE dry horse pills, (no capsules back then) and mega dosing the recommended milligrams amounted to swallowing handfuls of low 50mg pills 3-4 times per day, while gagging. So I eventually stopped

The book also had information on taking choline & DMAE, along with vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) to help increase Acetylcholine. That experience changed my life

I started taking several table spoons of (horrible tasting) liquid choline chloride with pantothenic acid. And after the 2nd or 3rd day my brain started feeling very deeply relaxed. My eyesight became extremely focused and sharp, and the iris of my eyes became very dark in color and my mental energy drastically increased.

The book mentioned a "unnamed celebrity" the authors knew, that took choline and could talk for hours without becoming mentally fatigued.. I later found out that celebrity was Clint Eastwood

There was also a sparkling fluidity in my eyes I had never seen before, which I have come to understand was either the aqueous or lipid tear film secreted from the lacrimal and/or the muscarinic glands in the eyes. Those glands are stimulated by acetylcholine.

But the most noticable change was how I felt. Besides feeling the most mentally relaxed I had ever felt in my life, my brain (in hindsight) felt like very dry dirt that had just soaked up water. My thirsty brain felt like it finally got the drink of water it had been longing for all my life. But I never knew just how dry and thirsty my brain was because I never had anything to compare it to. Until that day

However the experience lasted a less than a week before it stopped altogether. My repeated attempts over the years to recreate the experience failed.

I have come to the conclusion there was a missing nutritional variable that I had been taking during the original experience that I stopped taking. And that's why the chemical reactions were no longer working.

Note: I was taking a small duffle bag full of nutritional supplements recommend in the book that included PABA (which is a natural acetylcholinesterase inhibitor), and scores of other things I can't even remember.

Besides reading Acetylcholine is involved in membrane fluidity, I've read Acetylcholine is also hydrolyzed into acetic acid (vinegar), its breakdown product, which might be relevant to the discussion

So I figured the best place to find some experts in this field that could assist in figuring out this puzzle would be on a Neuro Talk message board

Any clues?
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