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  1. I am glad...
  2. Weekly Check-In Dec 23-30, 2006 Happy Holidays
  3. I got you something for Christmas...
  4. A Message To The Members of The PD Forum
  5. a free christmas gift from flickr
  6. For the 2007 Christmas Season...Take a Note
  7. Causes for Yong Onset PD...
  8. Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center...Seminars
  9. B12 -study by neuropharmacologist from Baylor University
  10. MikeTTF
  11. article about conflicts of interest-non pd
  12. Inflamation, Oxidative Stress lead to Neurodegeneration
  13. Medic Alert
  14. Wonder if the cure for Parkinsons.......
  15. How are you feeling?
  16. It's been a while, and just to catch up....
  17. Feeling sluggish?
  18. Medicare Premiums Will Surge For Some
  19. Boost Driven by Medicare Drug Plan, Sales of Generics
  20. A new look at fish oil
  21. Weekly Check-In Dec 31- Jan 6, 2006 Happy New Year!
  22. Drug Plan Companies Failed to Tell of Changes
  23. Early stages of PD
  24. free online PH test -
  25. The caffeine buzz...Research suggests it might protect against Alzheimer's, Parkinson
  26. Neurological symptoms of B12 deficiency
  27. 1994 article about NEUROTROPHIC FACTORS -GDNF
  28. NWPF...Weekly News Update, Dec 29, 2006
  29. A New Treatment (but only of symptoms)
  30. Follow up on Blood Glucose info
  31. pharmaceutical law suits - patients be aware...
  32. Google's Patent Search
  33. Toxins Everywhere
  34. Update: Pergolide, Cabergoline and Heart Damage
  35. Parkinson's Patch Nears U.S. Approval
  36. Johns Hopkins: Mental Exercises Can Boost Brainpower
  37. Acetominophen (Tylenol)...Know the Dangers
  38. my collective unconscious has a question?
  39. Coenzyme Q10?
  40. On The Lighter Side
  41. Participants International Symptom Poll for Parkinson Patients
  42. Parma Consolidation to continue in 2007 -Forbes magazine online
  43. healing with water - pioneer Dr. Batmanghelidj
  44. FDA Approved 17 New Prescription Drugs in 2006, Lowest Approval Rate
  45. What’s Making Us Sick Is an Epidemic of Diagnoses
  46. How insensitive ...
  47. Dyskinesia caused by eating?
  48. Fast-Multiplying Lawsuits Can Stymie Medical Science, Authors Warn
  49. Agonists can contribute to PD..?!?!
  50. Eliminating PartD RX Hole...Democrats to shy away from it because it's very costly
  51. See Doc John's announcement
  52. Weekly Check-In Jan 7-13 2006
  53. Stem cells in anmiotic fluid, easy to collect, easier to store and control, they say
  54. Fatigue after eating?
  55. ANOTHER darned Parkie "trick"?
  56. Ali fans can wish champ a happy 65th
  57. Milk Blunts Heart Benefits of Tea
  58. New Stem Cell Therapy
  59. New Molecular Entities
  60. Wii is good
  61. Golf...Dangerous to your Brain??...Hummm
  62. How Much Sinemet?
  63. How Do You Cope
  64. Somerthing's working....
  65. This does sound ludicrous...or am I not being realistic
  66. Quote of the Week...January 8, 2007
  67. House is debating ESCR right now
  68. help
  69. Mucuna pruiens
  70. nursing home in long island?
  71. Concerns of Dashed Hopes From Promised Miracles
  72. "My Grandpa Has Parkinson's"
  73. Books and Websites...Helping Children Understand
  74. Amazing...Bilingualism delays onset of dementia
  75. US News & World Report...2006 Top 10 Hospitals
  76. off topic - going back
  77. Weekly Check-In Jan 14-20, 2006
  78. Support Stem Cell Research
  79. Man's Parkinson's disease leads to unusual setting aside of divorce settlement
  80. New gene uncovered for late-onset Alzheimer's
  81. EDITORIAL: Stem Cell Progress, The Hartford Courant
  82. Clinical Trial Phase III:duodopa
  83. Parkinson Pipeline Database
  84. 'Link' Between Statins and Parkinson's Probed
  85. In Memory of Jimwrite~ the MGH Forum -Braintalk
  86. AZILECT® My Exercise Contest Will Send Two to Unity Walk
  87. 2007 Parkinson's Events
  88. Mirapex and OCD...I need an answer!!
  89. Rep. Langevin invites Michael J. Fox to State of the Union
  90. Muhammed Ali.
  91. Quote of the Week...January 13, 2007
  92. Any suggestions for brain exercises?
  93. Magnetic Energy
  94. Stress
  95. Weekly Check-In Jan 21-27, 2006
  96. How brain amyloid protein turns toxic in Alzheimer's disease
  97. Medical for driving licence renewal...
  98. Vitally important information from my friend the medical researcher on PD
  99. New treatment database has info to help you best manage your PD symptoms
  100. Neurologist in West Palm Beach/Del Ray
  101. Gait related foot problems
  102. Govt. providing alternative to pharma -sponsored CME
  103. A long time gone
  104. The Albany Medical Center...free seminar on Parkinson's...Jan 31st
  105. Single protein plays a major role in prion diseases
  106. Very, no, very very hopeful news
  107. New Gym Gives Purpose To Punches
  108. My Fifth Attempt
  109. more on tai chi
  110. Quackery detection...
  111. Psychic distress common with Parkinson's dementia
  112. thank you texans
  113. Share Your Opinions
  114. Bacterial toxins and PD - Part 1
  116. Watching them watching you.
  117. this was my ssa disability judge -famous navy captain
  118. TIMES Article - How the BRAIN rewires itself
  119. Weekly Check-In Jan 28-Feb 3, 2006
  120. Blood Brain Barrier
  121. pd and psoriasis?
  122. Can Fever, Stomach virus affect PD med absorption?
  123. Footwear
  124. anesthetics, beta amyloid,& neurodegenerative diseases
  125. Paula
  126. So how does anesthesia effect the PD brain?
  127. Worldwide Parkinson's cases will double in next 25 years
  128. Does anyone use the chat rooms?
  129. Very very good
  130. Food for thought over blackcurrants
  131. Cholesterol Decline May Be Associated With Early Stages of Dementia
  132. Way Off Topic: California, watch out!
  133. Updated Rates Of Common U.S. Neurological Disorders
  134. Have you ever experienced...
  135. Fatigue
  136. More good news on Duodopa ...
  137. Initiation, Potentiation and Facilitation
  138. Patients are to be avoided.
  139. Parkinson's: another look. Is Parkinson's disease caused by a bacteria?"
  140. The Multiple Hits Explanation of PD
  141. Off Topic...Daylight Savings Change...Ooop!...USA
  142. any factors that can reasonably predict progress of PD?
  143. The Beast
  144. new drug improves motor skills and dementia symptoms
  145. Targeting Tau [Protein]:Inflammation Study Suggests New Approach/Fighting Alzheimer’s
  146. UCLA Find Yields Further Insight into Causes of Parkinson's Disease
  147. From the UK: Parkinson's pair walk again after drug switch
  148. Posting for ibby
  149. Could have put this on Michaels thread...
  150. Sentry enzyme blocks two paths to Parkinson's disease
  151. Are heat shock proteins therapeutic target for Parkinson's disease?
  152. Sentry enzyme blocks two paths to Parkinson's disease
  153. Prayers for Paula...
  154. Jumping In, Saying Howdy!
  155. Shake, Rattle & Roll-2007
  156. Anyone
  157. The People within - still photos of our PD friends
  158. TAKING THEIR MEDICINES? news from Forbes about $$ Amgen & Merck
  159. Supreme Court Rules For Medimmune
  160. The FCIC handbook
  161. planets lining up?
  162. Weekly Check-In Feb4-10, 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  163. Levodopa pumped into bowel??
  164. bacterial toxins
  165. acetyl-L-carnitine and alpha-lipoic acid against HNE-mediated oxidative stress and ne
  166. PD, vascular parkinsonism or none + strange, vivid dreams
  167. Selegiline Transdermal System--examination of potential Pharmacokinetic Interactions
  168. Is this the first neuroprotective drug ...
  169. Change in the wind for drug development and prescription costs?
  170. Can't recognise certain smells, may develop a brain disorder
  171. AANS Seeking Neurosurgical Patient Stories to Feature on New Web Page
  172. Punching PD: Benefits of Boxing
  173. The Gurgling Gut
  174. Low-Level Toxicants Can Harm Brain
  175. IS this the LAW in the USA, FYI
  176. Sorry I'm late with an update ...
  177. What I've Learned from E-Patients
  178. Just a Quick Question
  179. Smoke and mirrors or smokin' dope ...
  180. new blog posts
  181. What Am I?
  182. Sleep medication linked to bizarre behaviour
  183. Boosting endocannabinoids + dopamine drug helps mice
  184. A Question for Those with Dyskinesia
  185. No sleep means no new brain cells
  186. Parkinson's disease: Treatment breakthrough in mice opens new path
  187. Decision-making -- Demonstration of a link between cognition and execution
  188. Study finds Parkinson's natural foes
  189. Folate and B12 may influence cognition in seniors
  190. Able to move freely in 15 minutes!
  191. Over or Under
  192. Weekly Check-In Feb 11-17, 2007 Wecome New Community Members
  193. Blood Brain Barrier Inquiry
  194. Live from the floor--be there! PAN Forum begins.
  195. Remember psychiatric patient's civil rights -ie PD patients too!
  196. Murray Charters Advocacy Award...Louis Fishman Acvocacy Award
  197. Tom Issacs on BBC Radio 4
  198. Nitric Oxicide Gas
  199. In my typical basic style....just wondering...
  200. Michigan Parkinson Foundation is offering a 7-week class...living with Parkinson
  201. Study finds clues to Parkinson's drug gambling
  202. I have been dxd with dyspnea-fyi - PD and shortness of breath -Pubmed article
  203. Happy Valentine Day
  204. (I'm new on Mirapex)Anyone see blinking lights in patterns at night,Awake w/eyes open
  205. WE MOVE News...Health Literacy: Understanding the Use of Patch-based Drugs
  206. extended molecular pathology and mitochondrial modifications before PD hallmarks
  207. "Tomorow"
  208. Redefining PD
  209. The human Brain and Stress ~
  210. Very OT--pictures from Hubble telescope
  211. New Zealand Study: Brain Attempts to Repair Itself
  212. Inhaled anesthetic and possible link to delirium and dementia
  213. Azilect - Symptoms Worse?
  214. Research links vasectomy with higher dementia risk
  215. Walking on Ice!
  216. International Symptom Poll for Parkinson Patients
  217. tell me a joke
  218. Marker That Identifies Energy-producing Centers In Nerve Cells Can Help Track...
  219. Map Path of New Brain Cells & Brain's Plasticity Key to Treating Neurological Damage
  220. Alzheimer's cure 'may only be five years away'
  221. Can I upload some of my music compositions on here?
  222. My music...
  223. Is sinemet addictive?
  224. Amgen witholds from investors
  225. Weekly Check-In Feb 18-24 2007 Welcome New Community Members
  226. Useful Gadgets for a PD patient to own
  227. USA...Take Care when supplementing Medicare Plan
  228. devil's grip
  229. More About Berries...antioxidants for brain protection
  230. "Smart" neural prostheses treat neurological damage.
  231. Me-too drugs
  232. Azilect side effects
  233. Slowly but surely it is on the way.....
  234. A small article about James A. Parkinsons -he did not nmae it after himself ~
  235. Wow!!! Woke up this morning. NO BACK PAIN!
  236. Total BBB Review
  237. What I love about this site.
  238. Cymbalta
  239. to michael 7733
  240. UK BBC Radio Parkinson's Doc.
  241. Adult stem cell study flawed
  242. DID YOU KNOW...Magazine/USA...Neurology Now
  243. ALS Drug Appears to Ease Resistant Depression
  244. Weekly Check-In Feb 25-Mar 3, 2007..Welcome New Community Members
  245. the brain and PD
  246. Scientist...develop hand-held communication device forpeople w/speech disorders
  247. 1 Day Conference - Shake Em up, Inc.
  248. H. pylori again
  249. A Project I've Been Working On
  250. Not My Own, Just Passing Along!