View Full Version : Alan just took a Vinyasa Yoga Class!!!

01-21-2007, 05:05 PM
Well, I have thought I have seen it all. You have never seen anything like when Alan just came home and said one word!!!! Damm!!!!

I said "you never curse, what's the matter?" He goes. These people think they are flamingoes" I said "what???"

Then he just stands there, pulls his leg up over his knees (while not holding on to the wall) and stands straight up. I'm looking at him and he goes. "you try this".

First I tried to hold on to the wall, I put my leg over my knee and I just stood there. Not only couldn't I stand up (even while holding on to the wall,), I have absolutely no idea how Alan was able to do what he just did.

Then he lies down on the bed and says: "They had us lie down on mats and put our rumps up in the air", and there's my husband, laying on the bed with his rump WAY up in the air, he sticks one leg straight up in the air and he goes "can you do this"? After I stopped laughing so hard I thought I would choke, he told me they make the class lay down, put one leg up, and hop on the other leg. I just looked at him. It turns out this was an intermediate class. Now Alan has never taken a yoga class in his life.

He now thinks he's Buddha and can put his body into any position. Of course I had to massage him because he was groaning and said "Melody, I put my body into positions I never thought existed". I just replied "Just don't expect me to.". I can stand up like a pelican and raise one leg up though, but he was doing stuff I never thought he could do.

But the best part was when he described how the teacher had all of them close their eyes and they all started to chant OM, OM......OOOOMMMMM.

Now just imagine, my Alan sitting (or trying to sit) in a lotus position and chanting OOOOHHHHMMM!!!!!

I said to him "this was your last class right?" He said "are you crazy, I can't wait to go back".

oh my god!!! I'm married to Buddha!!!!