View Full Version : what is pcs like for you?

06-04-2008, 03:20 PM
what is pcs like for you?

to me pcs is hell literally hell
i wake up everyday hoping things will get better but they dont
i blame myself and the person that did this to me everyday but i blame mostly myself. i can barely sleep and when i do sleep i have nothing but nightmares and they feel so clear clearer then life itself. anyways i got depersonalization because of the concussion and everything looks fake and my perception of the environment has changed, everything looks so scary looking as if im in a living nightmare. not only that but my vision is messed up i have more floaters then usual and i think i might have visual snow. i feel like i have no connection to my environment or the people in it and i feel like i have no emotions. i cant seem to think right or concentrate and i have trouble remembering things that recently happened something that happened yesterday feels like it happened years ago. every day is a blur and time just passes by with barely any memory of what happened. i cant lift weights i cant watch tv i cant sleep i cant go outside i cant enjoy nothing the only thing i can do is be on the computer which is the only thing that makes me feel slightly normal.

06-04-2008, 08:13 PM
i know how u feel. i used to joke saying that if i died and was sent to my own "personal hell", that itd just be me having to live for eternity feeling how i felt right after my injury. you will get better, but its not gonna happen overnight. it could take months or even years like mine did.. but it'll happen. slowly.. just dont give up..