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11-14-2006, 09:10 PM
I received this information today:

You can even send it to people not in your group. The more the better. Thanks for being so polite as to ask, and for your support.

Bill Pinkerson

Meat & Chicken Entrees
100% Natural
Wheat Free
Gluten Free

Dear Gluten Free Shopper

Last summer you helped us by participating in a Gluten Free Shopping survey. With your response, you gave us your email and asked that we let you know when our products were available in your area.

Attached is a list of over 100 Meijers markets in Michigan , Illinois , Indiana and Kentucky that have added our products. I hope some of them are near you.

Also, all the health food stores in Illinois , Indiana , Michigan and Kentucky will be able to get the Corn Dogs, Chicken Fingers and Chicken Ballontine from Tree of Life as of December 1st.

We hope you try our products at Meijers, it is rare that a large chain gives so much effort to “gluten-free” and we would like it to be successful, for ourselves, and for the community. If we are successful, more gluten free products will come because the supermarkets see the demand.

We appreciate your support and would appreciate any feedback on how well you like the products.

Thank you

Bill Pinkerson
(888) 330-7709 x15