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Default Autoimmune blood tests results?

I don't want to enter my bio, already did a lot on brain injury.

Basically have had health problems since brain damage 33 years ago.
Then about 20 years ago started getting high fever, joint paint,arthritis
any time I do anything physical or have stress. It got worse over time.
About 50% of the time it will eventually turn into full blown pneumonia.

I can't move for about 7 to 10 days, am in incredible amount of pain and have high fever. I had pneumonia maybe 2000 times over 20 years? Doctors simply say"thats funny? huh I wonder why?" and then prescribe 2000 times penacilin.

I tried working as a dishwasher, but then fever and pain and arthritis got
so bad, and kept passing out. I went to medical clinic(not usual doctor)
There the doctor(who I never met before) told me that my symptoms sounded autoimmune disorders. I said I never heard of that term before,doctors always prescribe penacilin and send me home.

I could barely make it home, could barely get onto local bus home. Then
was in bed for ten days, lost my job, because I was too weak to use phone and too weak to talk. After ten days I got a blood test. The results showed
autoimmune disorder, but different at the clinic was reluctant to help. I insisted he make appointment with Rheumatologist, since thats what original doctor recommended but was not available.

I finally get to see Rheumatologist after waiting 9 months. As I was
walking into Rheum doctors office, she says"you can go now, your fine"

I go"pardon?uh I havn't sat down yet?"
And she goes "your fine, go home"
I go "I havn't even told you anything about my health condition?"
And she goes "you simply have symptoms of depression"
I go "uh, but what about the blood test results?"
She goes "well you had pneumonia right? well it throws off the
results, so please leave the office now"
So I left.

I went back to the clinic and the doctor there said that the Rheumatologist
diagnosed me with depression, she says that high fever, arthritis, and imagined joint pain are merely symptoms of depression"

I try to get this doctor to reconsider and finally he says ok get another blood test, but it will come out normal. So while I'm not having my flare ups, while I'm feeling my best I get another blood test done. The results show mostly normal. So then the doctor literally throws me out of the office and says don't come back.

Is it possible that my blood results could be mostly normal while not having
a flare up? I can't go to get blood tests while in middle of flareup because
I cant move? I can barely inch my way to toilet?

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I am not impressed with the rheumatologist.

One common blood test for autoimmune diseases is an antinuclear antibody (ANA) test. Abnormally high blood levels of ANA can be indicative of, though not necessarily diagnostic of, autoimmune diseases like RA and SLE among others.

There is a description of ANA testing here.

RACGP - Antinuclear antibody test
Knowledge is power.
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The first test was for CRP, rheumatoid factor, ferritin.

the second test 9 months later, in between flareups
was creatinine,citrullated ab.

I got a new family doctor, because I almost died with last doctor.
I had to go to emergency for severe diverculitis.
At emergency the doctor said, good thing you came in
if you had waited another hour, you could have severely damaged
your intestinal tract, why didn't you go to a doctor first?
I said" I did I did for 12 months constantly but he threw me out
of his office each time"

My new doctor isn't any better tho. About 1 in every 1000 doctors
are any good from my experience.(long story).
Its just from what I read and studied about autoimmune disorders
its possible for the blood tests results to look normal sometimes
like in between flareups. Autoimmune disorders are still mostly
unknown to doctors and there is still a lot of argument and controversy
about them.

I can explain my medical history for the last 33 years, but doctors cannot?
How odd. My version is based on facts, theirs on delusional thinking?
What does that say about the state of medical training today?

For instance;
Fact: I had a head injury 33 years ago, symptoms were, slurred speech,
unable to walk and stand mostly. Severe memory loss, thinking problems.
Reverted back to grade school level skills. I spent 7 years, 4 hours a night
trying to retrain my brain, practicing, reading, writing, grade 9 math, talking
into a tape recorder, etc
The ENT doctor I was assigned to diagnosed me with ear infection.
Did he do any tests? NO. Did I have any ear pain, discharge? NO.
Did I mention ringing? NO. I didn't even mention my freaking ears!

100 doctors after that who were GP doctors agreed with first assessment.
Why? There was no factual reality proof of ear infection?
20 years later, I told my symptoms to 8 nurses, they all said I
was describing a stroke. I go "what? not an ear infection?"
They go "what doctor in his right mind would say ear infection?"
I go about 101 doctors!

I did manage to convince one doctor about six years after, to give me
a protein metabolisim test, because I deduced mine was broken.
My results were so bad, the doctor threw the results in the garbage
and said "pretend you never took this test and go home and forget about it"

But I managed to survive this long because of proactive research into
herbs, supplements and nutrition. If I didn't find out about super immune
boosters I would have died along time ago. The second thing I discovered
was about 19 years ago a substance which not only helped my
perforrated gut but cognitive boost. NAG. I did google searches
on it 19 years ago but there was no connection between the GUT
and the brain, not until a few years ago it was confirmed.
I couldn't figure out why treating my leaky gut gave me such a trememdous
cognitive boost? No one seemed to know.

I think I may have found a cure or partial cure for my autoimmune
problems as well. I did a little experiment 6 months ago.
I was too impatient to break up my experiment,(Ive experimented
with thousands of herbs over last 28 years)

But I basically did two experiments at the same time, I wanted to
boost my immune system for 6 weeks using all the herbs I knew about
and had used before, but cannot afford to take on regular basis.
i also had this idea about experimenting with herbs cleansing the lymphatic
system(since I tried this some 23 years ago and it was very helpful, but lost
my list of chinese herbs)

This time I couldn't use chinese herbs, since I lost my list 23 years ago and
everyone in china town didn't know exactly what herbs to use.

Anyways after 2 months my flareups diminished in frequency and
severity about 70 percent. After 3 months of not taking those herbs
I have the same results, so that means its permanent?
If my immune system gets really weak and I feel like I'm in the middle
of a flareup the severity is about 70 percent less than it was before?

Did I just discover a partial cure for acquired autoimmune disorders?
I went on the basis of that autoimmune disorders are an underlying
hard to get to infection. And using immune boosters and particuarly
lymphatic cleanse herbs, it was able to clean out something that
got stuck in my lymphatic system?
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