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long-term effects of frontal-lobe concussion in very young child?

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Post Understanding Now impact of Child head injuries including concussion

After reading very informative posts, I can reflect on my past childhood in which three significant head injuries occurred.

1st at the age of 5 or 6, I slipped on wet concrete and was unconscious for 1 or 2 days.(This is what I was told) All I remember is waking up in my bed. I am not aware of seeing any doctor at the time.

2nd Head injury aged about 6 or 7 was a front on head on collision with another child in the school ground. I split open a gash over my right eye and bled profusely.

3rd Head injury when I was 9, I had a piece of timber thrown at me which hit me above my left high, which was greatly swollen.

4th Head Injury was in the same year aged 9, when a boy threw a rock which landed on top of my head.

in 2007 I had a cat scan, and the results showed an unusual enlarged frontal lobes.

I can be honest about my personality, in that I tend to be quiet, keep to myself. I have on and off bouts of not keeping focused on goals. I am very very aware of my self surrounding and extremely self conscious. I have to fight my fears when it comes to public speaking, dont like to go out on my own to functions. I consider my self a bright and intelligent person, yet, I failed to achieve good grades in my final years of High school, Failed to complete my University Degree, Marriage failed in Divorce.

In those years of my child hood, with the head injuries, never have I been assessed for possible brain injury. It is only till receiving my cat scan in 2007 with the report stating that I have enlarged frontal lobes,and reading these posts and articles regarding concussion and its impact on a child's brain development, can I know see the correlation with brain injury and my own self personality.

I would be really interested to know where in Brisbane/Gold Coast Australia I can get some assistance.

Thank you
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Post Your not alone

Matthias, you are not alone, I myself have suffered a similar fate. age 5 , slipped on wet concrete unconscious for a few days, age 7, head collision with another person, split open above right eye, severe bleeding and stitches. Age 9, two incidents in same year, 1st piece of timber thrown at me, hits me above left eye, severe bruise and lump, headaches. then later in that year I had a rock thrown at me and hit me on top of my head, bled profusely, had to have stitches. I also was bullied at school and had very few friends. I kept to myself. I have issues on keeping focus on a goal, can never complete of just give up. i didn't finish my University Degree, My marriage failed with Divorce. I have over the years have had bouts of sever depression. I have degrees of social phobias. Now reading your post and others has open an explanation on why I am . Thank you.

Originally Posted by Matthias View Post
I suffered head injuries as a child aged 3, 8 and 10. The first and second were caused much loss of blood and required stitching in hospital and must have resulted in concussion although it was not diagnosed. The third one, from sporting accident at school, during a game of cricket, when another boy swung the bat fast and hard and it collided with the middle of my face breaking my nose resulting in loss of consciousness although I do not recall for how long. The school "nurse" simply allowed me to wake up naturally in the sick bay and as a result I was not taken to a doctor or hospital for this injury. It was the final day of primary school and my family were going away on holiday that evening. My injury was ignored by family, school and the medical profession for over three decades. I have struggled with life since my Childhood Head Injuries especially with making the right relationships and protecting myself from harmful individuals. I have survived by my own strengths and abilities. It is only recently that I researched the literature on Traumatic Brain Injury myself (research made possible by the existence of the internet) and discerned that my experiences of my condition matched exactly and in detail those described for TBI and specifically for injury to Frontal Lobes and more specifically to the Orbitofrontal Cortex. I have been able to have an assessment by a Neuropsychologist though I am aiming to have a second more thorough and exhaustive investigation by another independent more senior one.
I will try to be brief. Injury to this area of the brain can lead to impairment of perceptions of risk and around rule breaking. As a vulnerable child and later as a vulnerable whose injury had not been diagnosed I became the victim of serious crime and abuses. Timely diagnosis would have warned my parents give special protection to their most vulnerable child. Also head injury to a child affects the whole family and can disrupt the "family system". My family's system was disrupted though nobody understood why. This disruption continues to this day, 37 years later. Recognition of severity and significance of my brain injury could assist my own healing and assist in healing the other members of my family. Post-concussional syndrome meant I was less able to cope with trauma. My psychosocial development was impaired so I was bullied and had very few friends. When I was seventeen my emotional and behavioural problems and confusion were misattributed as a psychiatric disorder, a manic-depressive illness for which I have been taking medication since that time and those medicines are difficult to withdraw from even if you have no need for them. Also I know that TBI can result in emotional and behavioural complications. My question is :- Can somebody tell me of any books about the consequences of injury to the frontal lobes during childhood
( under 11)?
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Hes never been diagnosed (and i don't know if there is such a diagnosis) but even now he has problems trying to i think the term is self sooth? Which oddly enough seems to be getting a little worse as the yrs go by but not horribly so.
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test test test
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Heart frontal lobe damage

At the age of 6 I had received damage to my frontal lobe from a motorcycle crash, my father was drunk and I was without helmet, before the accident I was a "child prodigy" I lost my ability to remember things in a singular pattern, as I was already able to read and write at a 5th grade level, I struggled in school after that, and around the time I was 12 I realized that my brain had changed, watching videos of myself before the accident I was like a normal kid, I was teased for being weird until I hit high school, however I realized that I had the ability to take two unrelated books, and read them simultaneously, absorbing the information, and recreating them in my head individually, my advice is: allow your child to pursue activities which have dual stimulation, and watch their behavior around peers, bullies are relentless when someone is different from them. Good luck
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