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Lyrica Withdrawal - How Long Will This Last?

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Default The Monster Drug

Let me first say that this has been the most invaluable information that I have been able to obtain. As soon as I am free from this beast, I intend to do a little more research into why the FDA would allow this on the market... That's here nor there, it is my hope that my story can help someone the way the others here have helped me.

I arrived here after my 3rd attempt to get the Lyrica out of my system. I had been prescribed it for my fibromyalgia pain and although there were times that it was very effective for that purpose, hindsight says that it was not worth this ordeal. I'm a bit peeved over not even being warned that any of this could occur. I took Lyrica because I did not want to take narcotics and run the risk of becomming addicted. I am fully aware that any type of withdrawal can be a very nasty thing, and this is worse than any street drug I've ever read about (as an educator or a psych major, so clearly not as a doc, but still!)

Here is what I am enduring if it helps anyone else (or their physician):

It all started back in January when my MD did not refill my prescription after multiple requests from the pharmacy and several calls into the office myself. I ended up without any meds. I ASSuMEd that he knew what he was doing as he was in the office and is generally a pretty good guy! The long and the short of it was that I ran out of meds and went with through withdrawals. My BP dropped dramatically. I was having the shakes (though I do not suffer from any type of seizure disorder). I was sweaty and freezing cold. I could not remember how to breathe. My thoughts were jumbled. I was severly depressed and quite tearful even though I do not tend to cry a lot. It was a bad scene.

At that point, I went back on them (at the behest of my MD) and we decided that I would go off the meds more slowly over the summer when I had time to deal with it, (I am an educator so it seemed like a logical time to attempt it).

When school got out, I began the 3 week journey that brought me here today. If you read the Lyrica page or if you read WebMd or any of those pages, they tell people to go off slowly, like over the course of a week. You'll note that a week was not enough time... So I came down off the meds as slowly as possible. I would not reduce the dosage until the symptoms at the current level had become tollerable.

I had gotten down to 75 mgs every other day and was really struggling with nausea but at the time did not realize that some of the other things that had started happening were withdrawal related as well and I did not recognize them initially at all. It was only by arriving here that I got the straight scoop and that I figured out what was happening.

On my 3rd day drug free - it all went south way too fast! Keep in mind New Member's point about drugs are drugs even if they are prescribed by a doctor, Whilest in the E.R. two days ago, the ER doc restarted the Lyrica to calm the withdrawal and then told me to take it until I could be seen by my family doc... who refused to fit me in for 5 days even though I had been to the E.R. and really needed to be seen to figure out what to do. At this point, I am on my own and trusting that the information on this site is what will help me get through until Monday. (Note that at this point, the ER doc tells me to restart the lowest dose.)

Then two days after restarting the smallest dose I had been on prior to the hospitalization, I had a second fit in which the insurance compay nurse on call indicated that I needed to call 911 immediately and that I should not drive myself to the hospital. So, I ended up in the ER again. (This ER doc tells me not to take any of it all if I want to get off of it because it will just restart the cycle all over again.) I still don't know which one is right but am opting for never allowing that beast to cross my lips again. It appears that I am going to have a tough couple of weeks and maybe even months.

The tests run while at the hospital on both occasions bore out that I am as healthy as an ox. No heart trouble. No issues with my lungs, even though I could not breathe well. They even checked my electrolytes and said that everything was fine. However, everything is not fine.

Withdrawal Symptoms from this first week:

Tightness in chest
Awakened gasping for breath
Difficulty catching my breath once awake
Severe headache but not a migraine
Very severe nausea - no vomitting though
Convulsions of different muscle groups - I remember telling the paramedic that my stomach was contracting like when I had my kids. It was not painful per se, but the aftermath was very sore muscles.
My first ever panic attack and then multiple ones thereafter Are we having fun yet?

Although I am anti medications, below is how I am attempting to get through this. My best is not getting me through at the moment and as I am a single mom, I have to do something:

-Anti Nausea meds (for the short term until I can handle it on my own)
-I am attempting to avoid pain meds but did take Motrin when the head was pounding pretty badly
-Magnesium for the muscle contractions
-Walk for 15 minutes twice a day
-Mega Fluids
-Gingerale and Sprite for my stomach even though I do not typically drink soda
-Darkened glasses and avoiding sunlight until the head calms a little.
-Reminding myself that the panic will subside and that I am going to be ok eventually.

If you have any further suggestions for the first two weeks of this, I'd love to hear them.

I wish any one well who is trying to get this monster off his back and if somehow you are lucky enough to have found this before you ever slip it between your lips, then I beg of you, don't do it. Whatever you are going through is better than what you will go through if you do. I know the desperation that pain can bring on, but this is not one of those things that you need to learn for yourself. Just read through these pages and know that this is a heinous beast.

Good luck to all and Thanks to those who took the time to put it all here.
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akdew13 (03-22-2014)
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Default Lyrical Withdrawal and Recovery Period

Originally Posted by quitlyricalive View Post
So it'll be six weeks in a couple days since I stopped Lyrica and over two months since I stopped Tramadol. Still do not really sleep, have mild anxiety, depression and trouble making plans for the future, socially awkward, etc. Issues that were never part of my existence until I meddled with Lyrica and Tramadol. My overall sense of well being seems to fluctuate somewhat. I am feeling much better than I did at 11 days however. I do not take any other medication, not even Ibuprofen. And if you have quit Lyrica and have not experienced withdrawal, I am almost certain you are on other drugs, SSRIs etc.

I exercise everyday, walk 3-5 miles and run at least 3/4mile, get the kidneys running etc. I do not drink, I eat extremely healthy, lots of veggies and fruit. I also quit smoking after 17years; it's been 3.5 weeks. I decided that I was going to get all that I could out of this struggle (lyrica withdrawal) that could last 4-7months, and make becoming a health individual my full-time job.

Pain is present and I will probably have my second back surgery in August--removing two ruptures, both on L5 S1 causing sciatica pain on both left and right sides. How do I run? well, it took a long time to get to that point, lots of walking, etc. I do not run on concrete. My surgeon said running was ok, I swim three times a week too, and do all I can to strengthen my core. Running just seems to shift things around in my back in a good way, it gets my heart and lungs working and releases endorphins that make me feel really great. I think all the work I do now will help prepare me for surgery in and make it easier to pick back up the routine post op, instead of trying to begin one.

Healing is a very slow process and meditation has helped me as well. I'm only 30 years old, too young for strong the meds I was prescribed and still optimistic enough that I can have another 30 years without pain and full of positive experiences and happiness, as long as I find the strength to take care now and make the necessary life adjustments. Looking forward to the possibility that I will sleep well again in a few more months, but also currently into the present moment and living mindfully right now, something that is impossible to do using these drugs.

Stay clean, keep your feet on the ground and head in this reality, bear it and find another way, to resolve your pain issues. These drugs are bad and will make you unhappy in the long run. All my love to all of you considering cessation, or going through the withdrawal process right now. I do not believe in drugs, even prescribed by doc pharmys. Stay sober folks, drugs are drugs no matter the context.

I just want to make an update since I'm 99% certain this is the place to come for accurate information on the side effects of discontinuing Lyrica. Please refer back to my prior posts to get a clearer picture of my recovery time, how long I used Lyrica, dosage, tapper period, other drugs I used, why, etc. This is day 74 of no Lyrica, that is, a few days shy of two and a half months. I do not take any other drugs. It's hard to believe I'm speaking from this position, having escaped this far. I remember how long the hours were and how I just wanted the days to rack up, welcome to the summer of 2012.

I'm am chiming in here to tell you all that I am pretty sure that the past few days I have felt more like myself. I still toss and turn at night for a while, and my sleep pattern is really messed up, but there are times when my body actually shuts off I think, this is just in the last couple days. I am also feeling more positive, my memory is improving, I can remember words, I have ideas, articulate stories--I am not as tongue-tied, I am more relaxed. It is very difficult to quantify the Lyrica recovery period because it happens so slowly and sometimes you think it might be getting better and it does not, it's up and down.

Through this period I have suffered from many things I don't normally deal with like: social anxiety, insomnia, depression, etc, lack of feeling. For the past months, all I have been in-touch with is how bad I feel, I have been very self-centered in a way, because how I feel has been as the forefront of my existence, it's terrible.

Lately this is changing a bit and I am able to have feelings beyond how I feel physically and emotionally. I exercise, do not drink, smoke, etc. This Lyrica deal has been the most challenging thing I have every gone through, I hope that it has humbled me and made me a better person.

I am not fully recovered by any means. I have heard from others who are not taking other drugs in place of Lyrica, or drugs that work in similar ways, that recovery time can take 4months. During the past months I have done lots of work on myself, like running, eating healthy, quitting smoking, and it felt like I was getting nowhere for so long, that it wasn't making a difference. I just kept saying to myself that when this passes and my body and mind recover, when the chemistry in my brain resumes normally, I will be able to access all of the strength and integrity that I am currently building but cannot feel.

My love is with all of you who have stopped Lyrica, stay strong, be a steward of your own body. Go easy on yourself as you go through the depressions and anxiety, remember that it is not reality, it is that you have been poisoned, and as illogical as it may seem, this one takes a long time to get over.

My appetite came back after a few weeks, but I was depressed so it was hard eat, but I just did it. I created a rhythm for myself and stuck with it, it became all I had really, I trusted in it, it was kind of amazing, maybe even spiritual as I was so empty, felt so abject, hopeless, and helpless. Listening to music was really helpful and gallons of water each day, and enough can't be said about walking, that's what I did, it became the option, I must have walked hundreds of miles during the past two months.

It will go up and down and you'll think the damage is permanent, but peace comes. Peace comes and this will ultimately unravel.

You may always PM me (if that is possible) if you want more information about my experience or need support with your own.

I'm feeling some happiness folks, regular, old-fashioned, simple, run of the mill feelings of happiness and well being I never thought I would feel again.

Thank you and take good care, I will update again.
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Thank you so very much! You have no idea how knowing that what I am going through has been standard fare for many of you has helped. It feels like the medical community just won't listen.

I am on day 7 of complete withdrawal which was status post 3 weeks of slow withdrawl before that. After my rural ER doctors decided to try to put me in the looney bin, I refused all medicinal help whatsoever. I don't think it had to be that way, but I had to protect myself. After the first trip to the ER, they gave me anti nausea meds and I do believe it was quite helpful. I needed a lot of them though. I think that a sedative and IV fluids might have helped me a lot in that first week as well, but I will never know.

One of the symptoms that has not been widely reported was the "convulsion-like" cramping of muscle groups. It was like I was having labor contractions and the nausea would make me gag and have dry heaves.

As of today, it seems that the worst of that part has passed. I still am quite nauseous at times and my head pounds like a drum. I have drunk only water and the only foods I will eat are the BRAT diet foods. I still become quite nauseous if I eat more than a few bites or if I eat anything else.

Like QuitLyricaLive, I am trusting in my faith and doing all that I can to help my body recover like pushing fluids, walking when I'm not too nauseous or have too great a headache to be upright for any period. I have noticed a fairly intense photosensitivity that has not yet subsided so it makes any long periods of sunshine quite difficult.

I have not regained my confidence and am still suffering intermittent bouts with anxiety. Thank God there have been no more panic attacks though. I have found that positive self talk that reminds me to stop thinking when the anxiety surfaces has been very helpful. That feeling of being overwhelmed passes within a 30-60 minute period and then I'm ok to try to think through things again rationally. I've never really suffered from anxiety until being on and then withdrawing from the Lyrica so I'm not totally sure how to recover that part but am trusting that I will get past it and I will have a normal life again.

Thank you so much to everyone who had the guts to admit what was happening to them. My rural medical community almost had me convinced I was loosing it but my faith and my friends have been the Godsend I needed to help me stay strong.

Thank you to this community as well! I may actually have lost it if I thought I was the only one suffering this way because my doctors were telling me that it wasn't possible that it was the Lyrica... Which we all now know that it is...

God Bless!
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Hockey (05-26-2014)
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I read all the thread and thought I would my experience. My consultant suggested I take 75mg of lyrics (pregabalin) for restless legs syndrome. It's not licensed for this in the uk but I trusted him despite reacting previously to sari meds and other psych drugs. I started off on 25 mg but had to stop after 2 weeks because of side effects inckudibg migraine and changed vision. The first few days of withdrawal seemed ok but in my second week the headaches returned with a vengeance. I have felt very vague, tight chested, short of breath and sick. On day 14 I suffered a huge panic attack out of the blue and am feeling really very anxious for several periods during the day. I went to see my gp about the side effects and they told me they could last up to 6 weeks. I have to say that this drug appears to be far stronger than you would think even at lower doses and even though I have only been on it for 2 weeks it really has messed with my head chemicals as my moods are very changeable.

I am doing All I can to calmly accept the symptoms as they are and do plent of meditation and relaxation to get my anxiety down but it's hard so I really do feel for everyone here.

I note that only a few have put updates here on progress and I therefore promise to do so when my symptoms have cleared.

I agree with previous posters. Stay clear of this drug or at least go into it knowing the full facts. My specialist will get an earful when I next see them.

Good luck everyone

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Ps apologies for the typos on my original post. I wrote it in my iPhone when I was tired and so missed some of the autocorrects !

I also meant to add that every day is different which is another sign to me that it's drug withdrawal rather than anything else.

Best regards
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akdew13 (03-22-2014)
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I too have been taking Lyrica for the past 3 years. I recently had to go back to the Dr for refills, in the meantime I ran out. It has been 3 days and I feel terrible, can't sleep, going from freezing cold to sweating, and (not to be gross) but upset stomach with diarrhea. I wasn't sure if it was the Lyrica and withdraw or not but after reading some of your posts I think thats what I am experiencing. Buh!
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I have been going through an "official" Lyrica withdrawal since June 22, 2012. I made the choice to stop taking Lyrica, with the guidance of my chiropractor, a little over a month ago. I had been taking Lyrica for at least five years, and had increased the dosage to 150mg daily for the past year or so. I experienced some of the same issues with Lyrica that so many of you had posted too! The withdrawal from missing a dose for an hour, a day, and now waiting for it to leave my system...

There is relief in now knowing what is behind these terrible symptoms, I was on the verge of tears last night when I read through everyone's posts and thought to myself, this is it! I know now that I'm not alone, going crazy, or suffering from some unknown disease.

Thank you to everyone for sharing your symptoms, your advice on easing the withdrawal symptoms, what your doctors have told you, etc. I cannot express enough gratitude for how this site has helped me in the past six hours where my doctors have not been able to help me in YEARS!

My withdrawal symptoms have included:
Nausea, general feeling of an upset stomach with no outcome
Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
Excessive sweating, made worse by stress
Headaches ranging from mild to servere
Flu like symptoms; sore throat, body aches, cough, runny nose, fatigue, etc.
Mood swings
Muscle twitching
And a generalized increase in all of the other symptoms that accompany fibromyalgia

Thank you all!
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Originally Posted by lillamb View Post
I too have been taking Lyrica for the past 3 years. I recently had to go back to the Dr for refills, in the meantime I ran out. It has been 3 days and I feel terrible, can't sleep, going from freezing cold to sweating, and (not to be gross) but upset stomach with diarrhea. I wasn't sure if it was the Lyrica and withdraw or not but after reading some of your posts I think thats what I am experiencing. Buh!
Lil Lamb...

Consider this your opportunity to get off of it permanently. Check out this link for a summary of what's going on with people who have discontinued it.

(this site won't accept links in the post so google Lyrica Withdrawal Can Causes Seizures even if you don't have a seizure disorder You'll find the article by Jillian Barclay)

I had a similar situation when my doctor didn't refill the script. He was just too busy and didn't get to it. I was so sick that even once restarting the Lyrica, was unable to return to work (which I love my work..) for a week.

Think about it... Good luck in your journey.

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Hang in there Eyes Wide Open: (and the rest of ya on this journey through hell:

Having done a lot of research on all of this already, here are some things that MAY be helpful when it comes to getting through this. Some I picked up from others here and sites like this, and some are remedies that have been helpful to me personally:

Through your PCP, discuss anti nausea medicine. (Be aware that it can cause drowsiness though... This may be a plus depending on your symptoms, but go into it with your Eyes Wide Open )

BRAT diet - Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast (I added crackers too)

Any fluids that you can tolerate, but stick to something as close to water as you can. Real sugars are better for your tummy than the artificial stuff and High Fructose Corn Syrup as they can intensify the problem and they mess with pain receptors in the brain. Drink as much as you can. If you begin to retain fluids, talk to your PCP about meds/natural diuretics. I am doing a diuretic and it is helping immeasurably. The fluid retention in my legs was becomming painful.

Personally, when I'm starting feel particularly nauseous again, a piece of toast or a couple of crackers really help. After 4 weeks of total withdrawal (and 3 weeks of tapering prior to that,) I still cannot eat a whole meal in one sitting and find that when I wake up, I've got to get food in my stomach IMMEDIATELY or it gets even worse.

Although it is tempting to take more drugs to aleviate all this pain and distress, try to avoid taking anything until/unless it is really bad. The typical over the counter aids, Motrin, Tylenol, etc. will help, but they can mess with your tummy and the ultimate goal is to detox... Just a thought. Again though, why suffer? Its a toss up... Perhaps there are some homeopathic remedies available as well.

This is definately a PCP issue, but, one of the ER doctors started me on magnesium. It helped to calm the muscles. I did not have full blown Gran Mal seizures though. If someone hits that point, they need urgent attention. I experienced convulsions where different muscle groups would tighten up really bad and was unable to control that muscle group while in the midst of it. Those areas were especially fatigued and sore afterwards. Kind of like a charliehorse. When I was in the midst of one of these attacks, I would think calming thoughts and would muster every ounce of my energy to relax. I did find that having a family member calmly talk me through them was very helpful... I suppose that depends on the person though... right?

Melatonin is a homeopathic/natural remedy for sleep issues ranging from inability to fall asleep to inability to maintain sleep. My personal experience was that I was only able to sleep for an hour or two at a time in the first two weeks. Knowing how important restorative sleep is to the body, especially for those of us with Fibromyalgia AND going through withdrawal, I took it. In that first 2 weeks, (even with the Melatonin,) I was only able to sleep for 3-4 hours. I am not sure whether my sleep issue was a rhythm problem or that I would awaken in a sweat or in pain or with convulsions... I only took it that first 2 weeks and am now sleeping 5-6 hours per night without it and feel rested when I awake. They make a melt in your mouth tablet that was easier for me personally. I am having a hard time swallowing pills without gagging.

Arnica is natural pain reliever. Check with your homeopathic store or online for more information. I personally am in a lot of pain from the Fibromyalgia and Degenerative Disc Disease, and was told by someone locally who refuses western medicine that he has found particular success with it. I am going to start it myself next week and will update here on my success with it in a week or two.

Irritability/Anxiety/Panic/Mood Swings, Etc.
Be wary of starting any new drugs for these issues. Remember, it is not a reality. These are symptoms of withdrawal and what you are experiencing is a chemical reaction, not an actual psychological disorder (unless you already had an issue with that before the Lyrica.) The DSM IV states that to give a diagnosis, these symptoms must be present for 3-6 months. Even if you have suffered with it that long, unless you had a problem with it prior to ingesting Lyrica, it is the Lyrica, not a new problem for you to concern yourself over.

Talk with people you trust. Avoid those you don't.

Invest in yourself. Meditate or pray or do visualizations... Basically, find a way that works for you personally, to get your mind empty. You've got to take all this moment by moment. You can't make plans. You have to trust that the anxiety or panic or whatever word you use to describe the emotional distress and even moments of fear that may enter your psyche, are not real. They feel real, but there is no immenent threat. There is not going to be a new, permanent, mental health problem for you to deal with. This will go away. It may be upwards of 6 months (as some have posted - I am only a month into this so I can't speak to that,) but it will go away.

Find positive words/mantras that you can tell yourself in those moments. Find relaxing music or guided meditations/visualizations. (Check out your local library or itunes for free options here...) Take a warm bath if that helps. Watch a movie to distract yourself. Have a friend or family member on speed dial if you find it helpful to talk to someone when your are in the midst of one of these attacks, but be sure that they understand that this is not a new mental health problem and that you only need help in getting through these until your body has been able to completely detox. This is a special kind of relationship and you want to be sure that if you chose to talk to someone, that they won't make things worse; that they'll listen, console, and not try to fix anything. Nothing is broken. It just feels like it. You also want to protect your relationships. Be sure if you chose to talk to someone that they can handle it. You don't want to lose or damage delicate relationships because of this. It will all be over soon and you'll want those relationships to help you get back on your feet when it is.

Do whatever it takes to get through the moment. Then, take solace and find strength in knowing that you did it. After a few of these, you'll come to recognize them and you'll find what works for you. You'll be emotionally strengthened by knowing that you got through the last one and the one before that.

Unfortunately, I have no suggestions other than doing what it takes to get through the moment when they come on. Nothing has been beneficial for me in this area aside from warm baths, standing in front of the freezer with the door wide open and sweaters with the AC blasting. However, it is getting better. The bouts are fewer in between, less intense and don't last as long as when it first started.

General Thoughts
This is a time for you to take care of yourself. If you have others that you must care for, get help... I know this is difficult and you may have to be creative, but it is necessary. This is not one of those things where you just need pampering. This is a serious situation.

Massage can be quite beneficial as well. If you don't have a massage therapist on speed dial, search out someone who can use massage to detoxify your body. It is called lymphatic drainage massage. Reflexology based massage can also help with Fibromyalgia pains.

Physical Movement is really important here. Your body needs you to get up and get moving. From personal experience, I can't do it on a set schedule like when I'm trying to get into shape and I can't do it to extremes. So when I am in a good place, I put on my walking shoes and my earphones and hit the street for a slow, but paced, walk. The music keeps my mind off my body and my predicament, and the physical movement is good to get things moving through your body so that you can be done with all of this as quickly as possible. The water is also a very good option. If you have access to a pool or the beach or any body of water where you can submerge yourself and just gently kick or walk or glide, it will help. The water relieves your body of the weight of gravity and it also adds resistance so you can do less with more benefit. I have a pool and have propped myself up on the kick board or a floaty and just slowly moved around the pool; sometimes kicking, sometimes walking or just paddling slowly and gently. If you know how to float and trust that you won't drown, floating is a good way to relax and get your mind free and your body at peace.

Good Luck! I hope something here helps!
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akdew13 (03-23-2014)
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Default Updated

I quit pretty much cold turkey and was not concerned about seizures. I was taking 450mg/day then down to 300mg for almost a month, then after a week of breaking open 150mg capsules I became impatient and felt I was just dragging out the withdrawal and if I was going to suffer I would just go ahead and do it..

I was only on Lyrica 2-3 months tops, and the duration of my withdrawal has now eclipsed the length of time I was on the drugójust a neat little fact.. I quit 6/6/12, today is my three month Lyrica withdrawal anniversary, unbelievable really, but time passes and we slowly recover.

This past week I started taking 50mg of Trazadone at night because the insomnia and depression were making life really difficult and had been for so long, I bombed a career job opportunity a few weeks ago, that I really needed because I was such a wreck at the interview, could not retain information, anxiety, etc. the list goes on, it was awful. But I could still write and thatís how I go the interview. Anyway, Trazadone has really helped me. I was hesitant taking it because I donít want to be on anything, in the next few days Iíll let off the Trazadone a few nights and see where Iím atóeither coincidentally I recovered from withdrawal at the same time I began taking the Trazadone regularly, or it is really helping me--I take a third of a pill/prescribed dosage before bed, 50mg. Trazadone if not like addictive sleep drugs, itís pretty light.

As I have mentioned in the past I have been doing a lot of exercising, I know many of you were using Lyrica for chronic pain issues like I was, so being active my sound like an impossibility, I myself though it was impossible to come back as far a I have, I agreed to Lyrica when I was crawling because of acute sciatica pain. I run and do a cross-trainer at the YMCA, 2-4 miles a day. Lately I began lifting weights and doing strength training, and itís incredible, the full body thing really combats the electrified withdrawal symptoms and the release of endorphins helps to curb the severe depression and anxiety related to Lyrica discontinuation. Being with people is good too, good music, and water, but if you can get you muscles working and cardio, etc. Do it! Itís so good. Start slow and easy and build up. I meditate like mad too.

Iím actually to the point where I am almost thankful for this period of suffering Lyrica has put me through. I grew in a lot of ways that I always wanted to but probably never would have if I hadnít gone through this experience, physical maintenance being one of these.
I feel really good right now. I am certain all of you will again too, you just have to hang in there. Another month and I think I might be over this beast--that will be four months recovery time.

One more thing, I read online was that in some cases the nerve pain did not come back when patients stopped using Lyrica, like I said, it was online so take it with a grain of salt, however, the acute pain I was experiencing never returned. I have been very active though.

Happygolucky, where's your pool at? Good job on your three weeks, you sound great, like you have a grip and will make it! Thanks for everything you share.

Hope all is well with everyone.
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