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Medical Marijuana advice....

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Smirk Medical marijuana

Originally Posted by KnowNothingJon View Post
Well, it will depend a lot on you Diandra.

Edibles take longer to take effect, though last longer. CBD is thought to lower the "high" of THC, or perhaps is proven <woke up due to this fine weather change> so perhaps a hybrid will suit you well to offset any disagreement to that feature. I never minded it myself in the past...

Hoping that when NYS passes I fet the choice, though I am happy you have it now. Talk it over with dispensary personnel.

When we were in Colorado and I was able to check out how it affected my pn it was limited, as most indicas I wanted to try were behind the medical wall for some reason (could have been the dispensary- I went to two). They have the higher CBD. Hybrids should bring both to the table, though usually are dominate indica or sativa (higher THC).

PM me or ask here, either one is fine. I've done some research during these morning hours and am happy you have more choices. Good for you!

My best,

I live in Florida. We passed this in Nov. Yes it helps. From my experience so far
the CBD helps a little for my CRPS but makes me very sleepy.i don't want to sleep all the time. BEen there/ Done that 20 years ago with meds. The one that helps me is the one with medical marijuana. COmes in all above with doses of 5-10 mg of THC helps me a lot. You just have to decide how fast you need it and dosage and the doc gives you that option. SO go slow less is more until you see what really works for the longest time. I tried eatables but not fast enough for me about an hour. So I want to try vaporize because from what I have read that takes effect faster.just don't drive after you take any of them. My opinion as a
person dealing with this for 23 years and an RN in ICU, Recovery Room and Surgery experience. Hope this helps. Email me if you want more info.
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I just move from Wisconsin to Florida I have no idea about any of the marijuana because I never smoked it Okay I lied when I was a teenager I tried I could not deal with that I coughed and coughed and coughed LOL so if this is something that has been passed in Florida I guess I'm really asking what does it do ? IS it pill form.... yes honestly I know absolutely nothing about this can somebody please fill me in?

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Default Medical MJ

Hi Renee,
I know it's been awhile since your post, I hope you have gone back and read this thread. I don't have my State card yet, but I plan on getting it. I've never heard of it in pill form, but there are other forms of MM that you don't have to smoke. There are oils, and there are also edibles, like muffins. Good luck, I hope you can get some relief.
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There's CBD tinctures, the concentrate that doesn't have a harsh taste..there is a marijuana strain called Charlottes web it has been know to even help fix EPELIPSY..
For me CBD helps but it is also pricey..
I have chronic nerve damage and unfortunately its spreading fast

Hope that helped
your pain buddy

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PamelaJune (11-26-2017)
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Originally Posted by Diandra View Post
Hi All,
I was just authorized by my pain doc to receive medical marijuana.

I asked him how it will be supplied, a pill or what. He said he just gives the authorization and I have to go to the dispensary and discuss with the pharmacist and he/she will suggest the best method. Pain doc also said it come in two kinds. THC and CBD, and I should make sure I get the CBD as it is more effective for chronic pain. I have no idea what that means but I am just about to research it.

I was wondering, for those of you who use medical MJ, how was it supplied to you(pill, vapor, edible, etc) and did you find it effective for pain or neuropathy.

Thank you.
My wife used vapor for pain and it helped some. What really worked for us has to do with moles on the skin. We use the thick black tar type of CBD on moles and it completely got rid of them and very quickly. Just applied it and covered them with a band aid. applied just twice after that and moles were history. My mole was gone a year ago and so far never came back, where it was is normal skin now. Geovani !
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