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Car accident back pain and no (or miss) diagnosis ) diagnosis

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Default Car accident back pain and no (or miss) diagnosis ) diagnosis

Hi, I have many mental illnesses unfortunately. Always have. Started from childhood abuse and has gone all the way through to bipolar, OCD and more... Not really a problem. Medicated and dealing with it like I alway have.

So I was in a car accident two years ago. Girl pulled out in front of me and left me no time to react and I t-boned her at 50.

I had a head, neck and lower back 'injury' that has left me in incredible pain. It started 3 minutes after the accident and has been exactly the same for the last two years. I am in a wheelchair most of the time because it is incredibly painful to walk. Otherwise I need to be lying down. I don't have mental trauma related to the accident at all. It wasn't a big deal to me.

After $50,000 in medical 'attention' I have found that I have a bunch of bulging discs in my neck and lower back. Nothing else major has shown up. But honestly other than MRIs and an EMG I haven't really had any other tests done. All the Drs say is, 'nothing is wrong with you' and they walk out of the room. I think it is because they think I am just crazy.

I finally found a physiatrist who took an interest. He stated that my spine is pretty messed up. He is the first one to admit it. He is also the first one that didn't know about any of my mental illness issues. He is trying to get me into a 3 week inpatient hospital physical rehab stay at Stanford. To rehab my back I guess...

Then he found out I have mental illness... On his report he suddenly said I have Conversion Disorder and Somatic Symptom Disorder. Two psychiatric disorders all of a sudden.

Of course I researched these in depth and I do not fit ANY of the criteria AT ALL.

I have no neurological symptoms, no blindness, hearing, numbness, seizures, nothing that seems to be the key in these disorders. I have bulging discs in my back that cause me great pain upon standing and walking. Simple as that. Sit down and the pain goes away!

I think when the Dr found out I have mental illness that colored his view and I was labeled by him as a crazy person. That is how this misdiagnosis of the conversion and somatic disorders happened.

What can I do to convince the Dr that I do not have these disorders and there there is something physically wrong with my spine and my life would be better spent trying to determine exactly what is wrong rather than rehabbing a person with a 'mental disorder'. Might be better to do some testing on a person with a physical disorder?

Once this diagnosis is placed on me I feel like it will be with me forever negating the real problem which is very clearly physical... I could describe the symptoms but it would be a novel but they are very clearly physical issues dealing with compression of my spine when I stand up or walk and also severe headaches and migraines due to the neck issues.

I am afraid the 3 week rehab is going to be based on the assumption that I have conversion disorder and by the end of 3 weeks I am going to be in exactly the same amount of pain and will have spent more money than I have (I am on disability with horribly expensive insurance that doesn't cover anything)

Also does anyone know of tests for spine issues that are maybe no common or could cause as much pain as I am in but not be terribly obvious?

Any ideas or advice?
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Attention reply:

unfortunately, I know all too well about this. and it is the EXACT reason why I don't tell any doctor about my MIs, outside of mental health professionals!!!!!

to me, I just think it is better to keep both separate. and I understand kinda what you are going thru, as I was in a fairly bad car crash two years & four months ago and also now have spine issues/problems.

it's a giant puzzle, sorry to say. I'm still working on figuring it out, as I just had a MRI done on my thoracic spine, which I had to fight for - as the doc people were talking me out of it!

hang in there and good luck!
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I'm curious, as someone who in opposite situation of getting Tboned by someone running a red light at what I had to guess was 60mph+, what happened to the car that you hit? I was driving a honda pilot which went airborne, did a 180 in the air and landed on it's side about 15-20 yards away from the other car.

I have chronic pain to this day from mTBI. Neck has trigger points and is always tense as well.
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