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Chronic Pain Whatever the cause, support for managing long term or intractable pain.

Common Abbreviations used on the Forums

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Arrow Common Abbreviations used on the Forums

Just thought I would put this up here to make our new forum seem more like home

PM - pain management or pain monster or private message

Medical abbreviations -

Dx/dx - diagnosis
Hx /hx- history
Rx /rx- prescription
Sx/sx - symptoms
Tx/tx - treatment

Abx - antibiotics
Bx - biopsy

h/o - history of

BP - blood pressure (can also mean bipolar)
LP - lumbar puncture (also known as a spinal tap)

pt - patient
PT - physical therapy

pre-op - before an operation
post-op - after an operation

Medi/Medi - person has both Medicare and Medicaid

Doctor/specialist abbreviations-

GP - general practitioner
NS - neurosurgeon
Neuro - neurologist

OS - orthopedic surgeon
Ortho - orthopedic

PM - pain management doctor
PCP - primary care physician
Rheumy - rheumatologist

Illness abbreviations -

ACM - Arnold chiari malformation
AS - aspergers syndrome

BP - bipolar (can also mean blood pressure)

CFS - chronic fatigue syndrome
CMP - chronic myofascial pain
CTD - connective tissue disease
CRPS - complex regional pain syndrome {also RSD}

DDD - degenerative disc disease
FMS - fibromyalgia
GS - gluten sensitivity

IBS - irritable bowel syndrome

MS - multiple sclerosis
OA- osteoarthritis
PN - peripheral neuropathy

RA - rheumatoid arthritis
RSI - repetitive strain injury
RSD - reflex sympathetic dystrophy {also CRPS}

SLE - lupus
TMJ - temporomandibular joint disorder
TOS - thoracic outlet syndrome (can also mean Terms of Service)

UTI - urinary tract infection
URI - upper respiratory infection

Medication abbreviations-

BID - twice a day
TID - three times a day
QID - four times a day
PRN - as needed

q4h - every 4 hours (and q6h means every 6 hours, etc...)

a.c. - before a meal
p.c. - after a meal (also sometimes abbreviated PP)
h.s. - at bedtime
p.o. - orally

AD - antidepressant
AED - anti epileptic drug

LA - long acting
SA - short acting
BT - breakthrough medication

ER - extended release
CR - controlled release
SR - sustained release
IR - immediate release

APAP - acetaminophen/Tylenol (known as paracetamol in other parts of the world)

OTC - over the counter (no prescription from a doctor needed)

Computer and online and NeuroTalk abbreviations-

NT - neurotalk
PM - Private message

Doc - DocJohn (our administrator)
CST - Community Support Team (the moderators)

CG - Community Guidelines

TOU - terms of use (also known as terms of service)
TOS - terms of service (TOS can also stand for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome)

CFF - community and forum feedback (a forum on neurotalk)
HNH - health news headlines (a forum here at Neurotalk)
GH/RD - general health and rare disorders (a forum here at neurotalk)

OT - off topic
NPR - not pain related

LOL - laugh out loud
LMAO - laughing my *** off (rear-end)
PIMP - peeing in my pants

MIL - mother in law
FIL - father in law
BIL - brother in law
SIL - sister in law (or son in law)

DD - dear daughter
DS - dear son
DH - dear husband (or darned husband)
DW - dear wife (or darned wife)
SO - significant other

IM - instant message

Other abbreviations-

WC or wc - workers comp

SSDI or SSI - 2 different types of social security / disability

L&I - forget what it stands for, but it's Washington states version of the workman's comp system

Please feel free to add any that I forgot.


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Looks good! I would like to add
Pdoc= for psychiatrist or for a primary doctor (GP MD) ,
T for therapist (could be psychologist or anyone who counsels with you.)
PTSD - post traumatic stress disorder, also,
TMJ was changed to TMD for the temporo mandibular joint dysfunction
W/C - wheelchair

Thanks for listing this, it will surely help me remember too!

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... more ...

Illness Abbreviations

AS - Ankylosing Spondylitis
DJD - Degenerative Joint Disease
JRA - Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
USpA - Undifferentiated Spondyloarthropathy

Medication Abbreviations

DMARDs - Disease-Modifiying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs
IM - Intramuscular (injection into muscle)
MTX - Methotrexate
NSAIDs - Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs
SAARD - Slow Acting Anti-Rheumatic Drug
TNF - Tumor Necrosis Factor (blocker / inhibitor)

Other Abbreviations

ANA - Antinuclear Anitibody
ESR - Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
RF - Rheumatoid Factor

CT or CAT scan - Computed Tomography
DEXA Scan - Dual-Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry
EMG - Electromyography
NCS - Nerve Conduction Study
NCV - Nerve Conduction Velocity
MRI - Magnetic Resonance Imaging
U/S - Ultrasound
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No stress and no pressure, Wittesea. Just do it when you may have time . No prob. just contributing here, for now... and helping build the list until you may feel up to it.

There are two acronyms that might be familiar to some and just a difference between preferences that some PMs (Pain Management docs) and rheumys (rheumatologists) express.

Here are the abbreviations, which in essence and in effect, mean the same thing:


PSIS is something I learned from my PM office (and doc); it means: Posterior Superior Iliac Spine.

PSIC equates with or means: Posterior Superior Iliac Crest.

For patients? It seems it all depends on the specialization of the doc which term is the one to apply .
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L & I = labor and industry
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G.B.S for Guillain-Barre Syndrome!
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I really appreciate this list as I was bemused by some abbreviations. Have one illness to add:
MG = Myasthenia Gravis
Thanks for this site
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TM = transverse myelitis (it's like inflammatory MS)
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Originally Posted by Wittesea View Post
Please feel free to add any that I forgot.
SE or S/E - Side Effects
Dr. Zachary Smith
Oh, the pain... THE PAIN...

Dr. Smith is NOT a medical doctor. He was a character from LOST IN SPACE.
All opinions expressed are my own. For medical advice/opinion, consult your doctor.
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CMT -- Charcot-Marie Tooth Syndrome.
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