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Unhappy GERD related chronic neuropathic pain and burning sensation all over body?

Hello, first time posting here. I'm 25 years old male and I'm suspicious I might have neuropathy of some kind but I have no idea what it could actually be. I have a diagnosis of GERD and hiatal hernia, but with these alone I could easily live with.

Problem is, I feel an extremely unsettling burning sensation and tingling kind of feeling radiating from my whole upper body, particularly my face, head (also strange tingling headaches), back of the neck, arms, chest and stomach. I can feel it the most in my upper stomach and it feels awful, sometimes especially after eating.

There is also loss of appetite, feels hard to breathe (it's not asthma) and general discomfort/nauseating feeling. Sometimes when I wake up after a hard day of athletic activity, I get this really annoying warm feeling and general bad feeling for the whole next day. Also anxiety briefly worsens the burning sensation in my body. I do feel a burning sensation in my chest pretty often, as if there's acid reflux, but I'm pretty sure when esophagus is actually irritated there's a different, sharp pain in my chest.

These particular symptoms are ruining my life to the point where I don't feel like doing anything except stay on my computer all day. Whereas when I don't have these symptoms on rare occasions I go running, cycling, socializing etc.

The weirdest part is, I recently found out that taking antidepressants (SSRIs and SNRIs) help take worst of the pain away. When I tried to quit SSRIs, or change from SSRI to SNRIs, I mysteriously didn't have almost any of those symptoms for a week, which is really strange. Now I've on SNRIs for a week and I feel like my GERD is under control, but that neuropathic pain, or whatever it is, came back!

On most severe occasions without antidepressants I feel a 7.5/10 pain and discomfort, the pain is unbearable to the point that it almost makes me cry. with antidepressants I feel like a 4/10, it's really annoying and most activities don't feel good anymore. Last month I had couple weeks when I didn't have these symptoms at all and it felt amazing!

These "neuropathy" symptoms first started suddenly and severely when I had helicobacter pylori for half a year. That was 9 years ago. I had to lay down and was extremely scared about what's going on with me. It felt like the biggest panic attack rushed all over my body and filled with heat. My face felt extremely hot and also there was numbness in my cheeks. Best way I can describe it.

After I took some antibiotics for h pylori I slowly but surely started feeling a little better. I could carry on with my life soon after for 8 years. I did get a horrible feeling sometimes in my stomach when I drank coffee but that also went away slowly.

So I noticed I was starting to have very similar symptoms to H pylori at end of 2019 when I was working. Back then those symptoms were on and off constantly, but now it's chronic, like it's there all the time.

I have had all kinds of tests and showed negative for h pylori on 3 occasions and am now diagnosed with GERD and hiatal hernia. But I have heard many times from doctors that this doesn't exactly sound like it's caused by GERD or acid reflux, but they are not sure what it could be.

To me it feels like H pylori might have done some nerve damage in my stomach, since the feeling is sort of related to the digestive system. Also the symptoms start from upper body and don't radiate to legs at all, I can move my limbs perfectly, and I am not sensitive to touch. All of my other vitals are nearly perfect except of course hiatal hernia, which causes acid reflux.

I really hope someone can help at all, or someone's experienced similar symptoms, I'm really at loss and haven't heard anyone having these sets of symptoms.
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My Mood: GERD related chronic neuropathic pain and burning sensation all over body?
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Welcome Fietsopa.


"It is what it is."
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feel, feeling, pain, pylori, symptoms

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