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My Husband, 58, passed away Sun, 8-30.....I'm just numb

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Hi Debi,

I cannot possibly add to the aforementioned beautiful posts. But I can say that I am holding you in love and sending thoughts of comfort to surround your battered heart. May peace come to you in gentle waves and may you rest sweetly tonight.

I will light a candle for you tomorrow...

Shine Your Bright Light
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Originally Posted by St George 2013 View Post
My husband passed away after less than 48 hours in Hospice.

Monday a week ago I called 911 when his lips started turning blue as I was trying to coax him into eating some oatmeal. His blood oxygen meter was reading 51 and then bouncing around from the 60's to the 80's. They transported him to the ER and he was placed in ICU. His Co2 level was close to 150 and should be around 35 to 45. He was in ICU the nights of Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs and during this time they tried the bi-pap to bring in Co2 level down....it got to 57 on Fri morning.

He had experienced Hospital Delirium after surgery in May and this had continued somewhat since then and resurged big time in ICU. He knew who we all were but was constantly pulling the mask off his face and trying to pull his IV out, take the heart monitor pads off his chest and remove his blood pressure cuff. When I would ask why he was trying to remove things that were monitoring him he would say "I don't know".....how sad.

During the week we had been talking about long term acute care and then rehab when he was stable. That was still my mindset last Friday when my daughter sent me a message that the dr wanted to meet with us at 2 pm.
Such a great guy, Dr Patel. I actually send my husband to this specific ER because my niece Poppy works for this pulmonary dr that she just adores.

Sitting in a chair outside my husband's ICU room, Dr Patel began to tell us that he had reviewed my husband's charts for the week and even though they had tried everything they could to get him stable nothing was really working and he was in a constant state of panic. Even the meds wouldn't completely knock him out. He only slept in bursts and someone was with him at all times.
The dr said it was time for comfort care and he suggested Hospice. We have a wonderful facility about 15 minutes from me (my dad was there in 2000) and thank the Good Lord they had an open bed.

He was transported last Friday night and arrived about 9:30 pm in a panic. The nurses got him calmed down and we sat with him and talked. I even got him to eat 3 bites of a baked potato with lots of butter and sour cream. He hasn't eaten good since the May surgery.

Everybody finally left and we dozed for awhile. My nephew had just got back into town and came around midnight with his son who is 20. He was able to talk with him and tell him how much he loved him. After they left the nurse gave him something for pain and we slept all night. I would wake up and look over at him to make sure he was still asleep.

Taking all the machines off of him lowered his severely high blood pressure and heart rate and he was calmly sleeping. He slept for 15 hours straight. His body was so tired.

Sat afternoon about 5 pm he woke up in a frightened state. We all tried to calm him down but not before he spoke out to his mom and dad which was not a good sign. He said "NO Daddy" and now I truly believe that his dad came for him but he wasn't ready. He never really came to himself then but I did get him to tell me he loved me. They gave him something for pain and he went back to sleep. He never woke up again.

We have 2 children, Luke who turned 35 last Wednesday and Christina, 30. Also 2 biological grandsons, Evan who will be 15 on Sept 12th and Lane who is 10. Also 2 stepgrandchildren, Gavin who is 12 and Charley Ann who is 9.

Evan and Lane stayed both days....all day long and both of their mothers, my ex daughter in laws stayed too. What awesome women they are !

We all had our time with my husband. Me, Luke and Christina especially had our moments alone with him to say what needed to be said. Sometime before 5 pm when it was just me and Luke in the room and the nurse had told me hours before that my husband would not be going home from Hospice, Luke asked for time alone with his dad. So I walked out front and sat in my car.
He called once and told me I could come back in....then he called me a 2nd time hysterical telling me to COME BACK IN NOW.......so I ran as much as I could and when I walked in the room Luke and the nurse, LaVada were beside him and she said "He's gone".......I was hysterical that I wasn't there with him but have since realized it was Luke that needed to be with him to allow my husband to let go. Something we all feel he would not have done had I been in the room.

All the people that he loved most were there. Me, Luke, Christina, Evan, Lane, Gavin, the 2 ex daughter in laws, Christy and Anissa. We all stayed in the room with him for at least and hour and a half....may have been more. We hugged him, kissed him and just loved on him and cried and cried and cried.

I didn't cry much at his service last night. I'm pretty numb. His service was at 6 pm last night and I laid down at 2 to rest with my alarm set at 4 pm. I woke up about 5:05 and freaked out......didn't have time to take a shower or even wash my hair in the kitchen sink.....and I actually didn't even care. I threw on some clothes and off I went. Drove myself the 1/2 mile to the funeral home.....we live in a very small town.

So sorry this is so long and if you read the whole thing God Bless You. I just had to get it out and say what I've been thinking and I knew this was the best place to do it. That y'all would understand and pray for me and my family.

My husbands name is James Edward Thompson.......Bubba to his grandchildren, Duck at work. We've been married for 35 years. Since I was 17. I left my parents house and then on to be with my husband. Never lived alone before and I'm not really alone. My mom built an addition onto our house and she lives just through the laundry room. She's 84. There is only one house between our house and my daughters (she lives in my mom's old house) and my son only lives about 1/2 mile away.

I'll be back.....I have so much more to get out there....just to put in writing somewhere.

Hope.......I love you sweet lady.

Debi from Georgia

every birth, every death, has a telling ... xxx
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eva5667faliure (10-16-2018)
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hi Debbi,
I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. you and your family are in my prayers.
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