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Niggs Niggs is offline
Join Date: Jul 2015
Location: Guiseley,West Yorkshire,England
Posts: 165
5 yr Member
Default Themes of Love

When love goes one way:

A desolate love

Hear me Eros, still my rhythmic heart,
for it's beat, on fate's whim did start a
lover's refrain. Yet awakened to artful
deceit I seek escape from burdened
chain. Perhaps by spurious kiss rendered
blind, by impish melody I could not
hear, that she sang a different song
to the one within my mind.

When friends fall in love:


It's in those quiet moments, when mindful noise is pushed to the rear,
when my mind is free, it's sweet thoughts of you that suddenly appear
and how you've captured me.

Long have we been friends and though from your beauty I never tire,
I looked only with an artist's eye,until the day I felt my heart on fire,
and was left wondering why.

For how can gentle soul, such a passion, for all these years conceal,
so hidden deep inside, that only a magic unknown can now reveal
to myself I must have lied.

I am smitten, by what manner of heart felt Hex I no longer really care,
perhaps with lips pursed, sultry gaze or your fingers entwined in hair,
for it's with love I'me cursed.

Friendship/platonic love:

Post Dinner Party Crime Scene

An instant flicker-switched brilliance reveals the scene,
chairs in casual disarray, prove that guests have been.
Merlot stigmata table cloth no longer linen crisp white,
matt fingerprint glasses,lipstick sealed, flash with light.
Crumb dotted plates rest haphazard on each place mat,
a time frozen residue left by those who had there sat.
Some sport discarded napkins, the odd knife and fork
wielded like a conductor's baton in animated talk.
And along the table's centre stand idols of green glass
worshipped the evening long in our Dionysian mass,
for to serve those you love, laughter, food and wine,
is ceremony that binds us tighter than any hemp or twine.
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"Thanks for this!" says:
ger715 (03-27-2017)

hear, heart, hex, left, love

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