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Sex Headache Causing CSF Leak?

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Default Sex Headache Causing CSF Leak?

Hi Everyone,

Before I get into my whole story I’ll cut right to the chase and ask the main questions I have first:

Has anyone here ever suffered a CSF leak by having a thunderclap sex headache or even just a non-sex related thunderclap headache (or heard/read of someone who did)?

Based on my story/symptoms mentioned below, does it sound possible or even likely that I may have suffered a CSF leak?

My Story – I’m a 39 year old male with no previous headache history. One morning last August during sex I had a terrible “sex headache” (note, I had a few beers the night before). For those of you that have never heard of that before, in a nutshell it’s like right at orgasm you get the WORST headache of your life and it feels like your head is going to pop. Sometimes called a “thunderclap headache”. I took a few Advil and it went away after a few hours, but for 2 months after I had these lingering effects – “brain pains” I called them. Felt like electrical shocks going on and off through parts of my head, along with random more classical headaches from time to time. I went to the Dr and she gave me some barbiturate/pain killer (which I rarely took) and after about 2 months the pains just went away on their own. I had MRI, MRA, and CT scan to check for tumors and aneurysms and came back clean. No idea if they checked for CSF leak.

Well, back on February 9th this year I made the same mistake of having sex the morning after drinking alcohol (I know NEVER to do this again now) and had another thunderclap headache. This time the lingering effects are more diverse and lasting longer (been 3 months now). I went to a neurologist 6 weeks ago and he thinks I have chronic migraines and prescribed me Topiramate 25 mg and said to come back in 6 weeks (going back this week). I can't say I really feel any better now than I did 6 weeks ago.

Here are my symptoms:

Usually feel pretty good in the morning and the issues start in the early to mid afternoon.
Electrical shocky type shooting pains in head that come and go randomly.
Pressure pain in temples that creeps down into my ears. Then I get this pain and fullness feeling in my ears, with occasional stabbing feelings in the ears.
Sometimes my upper teeth and jaw ache along with the ear pains.
Head pains feel more like head trauma than your classical "headache", though sometimes they do morph into a normal headache.
Bending over aggravates the pain/pressure feelings. Sometimes just turning my head a certain way aggravates it.
Pain meds like Advil etc kind of help, but nothing totally takes the pain away.

I plan on telling all this again to my Neurologist again when I see him this Thursday, but I was wondering if anyone here thinks it’s possible I may have suffered a CSF leak?
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Nobody has heard of anyone getting a CSF leak through a "thunderclap" headache?? Anyone?...
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