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Default 7 days after tooth extraction and think blood clot dislodged

Hey all, I'm hoping that someone can help give me some peace of mind here. I got one of my lower molars extracted last Tuesday, October 9th. It was tooth #31 if that matters at all. Anyway, everything was fine until tonight when I went to use the irrigation syringe. This was my second day using it and the oral surgeon had told me to use it for the about 3 days total. So tonight after dinner I did the irrigation and I noticed a weird feeling when I was done. I looked back in my mouth and it looked like the blood clot that was there had dislodged and literally fallen inside the hole that's there. I don't see any white or any bone but I'm not sure if that's because the blood clot fell inside the hole so it's blocking it or what.
I'm not in any pain as of right now but Im petrified that I now have dry socket. Tomorrow will be 8 days from the extraction. What do you guys think ? Would I be in horrible pain already if this happened an hour ago ? What should I do??
Im going to see how I feel when I wake up in the morning and also in going to call my oral surgeon regardless and see what he thinks. I am really petrified when it comes to any dentist work being done so I'm really hoping that it's been long enough where even though this thing dislodged that I'll be fine.
What do you all think??
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