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Confused 15 days of pain from wisdom tooth extraction/s

42 yo female, lots of health issues mental and physical... but high functioning.
I have been trying to google different reasons why this pain is still here, and still pretty severe 15 days from procedure.
I cannot quite find a fit for my symptoms, so I am hoping to find some help here. I think ultimately, I'd like some reassurance that this is normal after an "extremely difficult" extraction.
So here we go:
15 days ago, i went to a new dentist due to an ache felt on lower right side and i could visually see something behind my last molar. It was white and i thought maybe puss. I saw a new to the practice and very young dentist who ordered xrays. He said that the white i was seeing was an impacted wisdom tooth. He mentioned it could be a tricky extraction because of a nerve that ran close to whatever... i must admit at this point i wasnt paying too much attention. He looked puzzled and brought in the older more experienced doc. He said lets do an dxtraction of both bottom wisdoms and i needed 2 back molars removed from top (crown fell off a year before and i let it go casing major decay in tooth next to it).

So we scheduled it. I went under completely. 3 days later i still looked like id been in a boxing match. Lots of pain. Soft foods. 2 dry sockets on bottom. He had me come in every day the following week to change the medicated gauze packing and three days the following week. (Stopping that only 4 days ago)

i had huge lumps on both sides of my jaw bone. He and every employee in there said my bottom left was one of the most difficult extractions he has ever performed due to not just long roots, but the roots had balls on the ends. He told me to picture upside down mushrooms. He said he had to remove quite a bit of jaw bone. I didnt even know that was a thing?! I admit i went into this pretty ignorant, assuming no big deal. People get their wisdom teeth pulled all ofnthentime! (I had asked the day we scheduled if id need time off of work and he said maybe 2 days. I just wasnt too concerned and trusted him and the staff)

The 1st 4 days or so, pain was indescribable to anyone who hasnt experienced it. Crying, screaming into my pillow, rocking back and forth in the fetal posistion, hitting my headboard... i mean it was BAD. It imhas gotten better but it still causes me to cry and go to bed with ice unless i take 800mgs of ibuprofen ON THE DOT. Even now, 15 days later., Ive even set an alarm on my phone so i can take it before it gets bad. It wakes me at nite, pillow covered in drool.

Anyway, the lumps have gone down in size gradually and he feels them everytime im in. They are painful to the touch so i dread that. When i asked him about those when they were still very big, he said nothing to worry abt. Just a little ostio...something. Again at this point i had no doubts about his judgment and assumed the pain then was just dry socket.

Today is Saturday. I went to have packing changed on Tuesday and he was unavailable because i was running late. His assistant, who i LOVE, said the sockets were so deep and i had a lot of food way down in there which she scraped out. That day the pain was worse but to be expected i suppose.

On Wed, he removed the packing and said it was looking good.
He sent me home with the syringe to flush with water after meals and a syringe filled with the "sockit" gel. He assured me the pain is STILL normal after such a hard extraction.
He said "Hang in there kiddo. Keep up with the advil and come see me in a month about the implants".

Since then, i am just begining to question if i need a second opinion. I had not even googled anything untill today because with so many of my conditions as well as a mother of 2... i know all too well how "DR. GOOGLE" can always be worst case senario and cause more anxiety than neccessary.

As of today:

It is much worse in the evenings, and wakes me thru the nite. Mornings are not great.

Huge frustraition is it seems some days are better so i think "ok, progress is good, i can relax!"
Next day could be worse?!

Lumps on jaw are going down gradually but still very sore.

Yesterday I had bad to severe pain behind both ears. Related?? Who knows. Most pain is always on left side. Today i woke and it felt like pain in roof of my mouth?! Pain was just kind of all over my mouth. It was new. Unpleasant.

Hurts to open jaw fully.

Family and friends say dry socket hurts! But... this is not dry socket. It almost always feels like BONE PAIN. Except for today, whole mouth pain...i am so confused!

I am type 2 diabetic, i also take many meds due to other physical conditions, including but not linoted to fibromyalgia are: Tramadol, muscle relaxers, lyrica, and vicoden.
None of which help with this. Only advil and ice can ease symptoms.

I spoke to him briefly via phone yesterday and he asked how i was feeling... i told him if i wasnt better by monday i was going to come in and maybe ask for xrays or something because i just feel like i shld be pain free after 2 weeks! He said i was an extreme case, but still normal... just slowly healing.

There it is in a nutshell. The closest thing i find on google us a fracture of the jaw. But I still want to trust that he knows what he is doing and if he thought xrays were needed by now, he would take them. Right??? Is there any reason he wouldnt? Would he be venerable to a law suit if there was a fracture or something? I am NOT the litigious type at all but when i google jaw fractures from wisdom tooth extraction, 1st couple of results are attorneys!

Any help or similar experiences would be so appreciated!

Thanks for reading, i know this is a looong post!

Ive had a migraine this week for the 1st time in years, kept me awake and a bad to severe headache the next day. No idea if its related?
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