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Default Implant questions and root canals

Hey how r u all? I'm new here and honestly feel stuck in my head about some things and would like others opinions.

First off, i'm 24 yrs old, about 5-7 years ago, i had my first root canal, which was pretty deep and had caused an abcess or infection in the pulp? idk if that's correct.. But it left a minor little bump there too on the gum. After this many years of the procedure that tooth seems to be doing fine and doesnt hurt, i never had anymore problems, yet i can still feel the bump there, there's no longer any sensitivity or pain though, that went away years back shortly after the root canal was done. This confuses me... which leads up to recently, a week ago i had a wisdom tooth removed because of complications with it, as well as two new root canals, one on each side ( molars i think ) now a week after the procedure, these still have sensations, pain sort of i guess..? I understand that a mouth can take time to heal, but i've started thinking about my health recently and i would like to live a healthy life, but after doing my hypocondriac research, apparently root canals still breed bacteria that can cause disease and be life threatening which was a concern with my very first root canal but i was young and went with it anyways.. I'm afraid that after having my first root canal, the remaining bacteria has already damaged my bone alot since it was years ago and if i stick with the two new ones i got a week ago, the same story with those.

My main questions are:

1. Should i just have all the teeth ( 4 of them ) extracted for the sake of my health and relief from worry? I'm willing to wait the healing time and am aware of the expenses.

2. Are implants a good option? Are they mostly successful? Are they okay to do at my young age? They would be my only option from what i understand, because i am still young i'd like to not have holes in my smile lol

3. What are your opinions of my situation? I have trust issues with these places and i think they all just want my money instead of telling me the better route.

Thank you in advance.
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Welcome to the group and all I can say if I could do it over, I'd sure do things differently with dental health and what I put in my mouth...too much sugar and carbs all my early life.
You are so young and do everything to keep your teeth I say.

I'm 81 and as I said if I had another chance I'd do things different re: dental health..I stay away from sugars/carbs big time and use a very health toothpaste made with Coconut Oil, buy Now Foods brand and have not seen a dentist in going on 10 yrs give or take. It's up to us to change things ..

I've had a couple root canals in my life and personally not a fan of implants.

Do all you can to preserve your teeth and dental health. Antioxidants live Vit C and Grape Seed Extract are WONDERFUL support for gum health. I've been taking these for decades...good gums here.

I speak from years on this earth and what I've been thru and where I am today.
OA onset at 18, now 81. Fibro onset at 61, Hip Replacement "mess" 72 (nerve damage, IT band damage, shorter leg). Otherwise, pretty good health.

Most important supplement: grape seed extract
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ago, canal, canals, root, week

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