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Exclamation Health problems following root canal treatment and wisdow teeth removal

Hello, I'm a 22 year old male from Brazil and I would like to explain what I've been going through and also request some help because this is ruining my life.

Last year (2019) between april and may I did a root canal treatment, the procedure was done on the second molar on the right side.
prior to this I felt the worst pain I've ever felt, it was terrible.
I rushed to the dentist and they attende me.

during the procedure, the novice dentist complained that she wasn't being able to perform the procedure optimally but it was nothing to worry.

After that another destist interrupted to see her work on my tooth and scolded her. after that she did something on my tooth and left, the novice one kept messing with my teeth.

I wasn't paying to much attention because of the pain but she inject me at least 5-6 times with annestesia because of the pain.

Well, after that the pain diminished and she said that I could go home and I should get back to put a new mold on it.

Now, that's the part where things get dumb

After that day they started threating me really bad as a costumer, when I went back 2 weeks later to put the mold on my teeth, they didn't even started to make it. so I was sent home with a temporary one that broke 2 days later.

Times passes by and nothing, I went there 5 times and I never was attended by the dentist, and when I was they would say the dentist didn't went to work and I should go home and go there another day.

Thing is, I only got the mold placed in october.
6 months after the first appointment...

In that meantime I started feeling strange things on my body.
The first thing that I got was a strange mark on my tongue that come and go, it looks like geographical tongue, It started right after the procedure and never went away.

After that I started having random spikes of fever and sleep apneia and headaches.
and on top of that, muscle twitching all over my body.

I still a very mild pain sometimes on that teeth and a strange test

December and I still was having all those problems but in a mild way.

My tongue would get the strange mark and I would feel the strange taste whenever the symptoms got more apparent.

I went to the doctor, did some blood checkups and vitamins checkups and there was nothing wrong on the tests, my thyroid levels were a little higher but my doctor said I didn't need to worry about it.

Cut to 2020, had a problem with my wisdow tooth (pericoronitis), the one after the second molar that I had the procedure done, so I decided to get it out.

Got to another dentist where they took a panoramic X ray of my mouth, the dentist didn't said nothing about the other teeths so I thought everything was well.

Said and done, I got the wisdow tooth out.
The procedure was done in 20 minutes and I had to take at least 6 needles to stop feeling pain.

It all went normal, had no complications in the postoperative period.

Whoever, after 1 month or so I started feeling that side a little numb and some numbness bellow my right eye and I started having constant twitchings on the right side of my forehead whenever I was talking or moving my jaw in a fast way.

After a while I noticed that a hard cyst like thing had formed on the exterior side of the gun next to the cheek on the enferior side of the gum next to the second molar and the removed wisdow teeth.

It's hard and it I don't feel anything on it, whoever, sometimes I can feel a discomfort on it.

I still have all the things that I described here + a grinding sensation (Like there's sand on my jaw) accompanied with clicks and sometimes a sharp pain when I move my open my mouth. (I presume its a TMJ disorder.)

These muscle twitchings and this feeling of numbness on my right cheek and jaw are making me REALLY REALLY stressed.

As we're living in a pandemic and I got fired, I only got the money to make a dental plan some days ago. I will visit a new dentist next week to see whats happening.

I just want to share with y'all what happened to me and get to know what you people think about it.
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My Mood: Health problems following root canal treatment and wisdow teeth removal
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Welcome. Such an ordeal for you. Perhaps someone can help you.

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Hello 98rx2,
I'm fairly new here and I'm going through a pretty bad nightmare myself. I completely understand and I'm sorry that you are having a rough experience too. I hope things get figured out for you.
Lil Wolf
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