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Finfreedomsurfer Finfreedomsurfer is offline
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Question Trigeminal Neuralgic pain from molar extraction

Hi, I'm a new member and have read some of your stories along the same lines as mine- dental-related neuralgic pain. In Oct 2021, a dodgy dentist wrenched on my upper left back molar #27 for 20 minutes until it finally cracked and released from its socket, leaving me with dry socket and immense pain that no medication could touch. I chose to do colloidal silver instead of antibiotics. I really had no idea how dire this whole exercise was, extracting a tooth being so life-ruining!
Since that fateful day, I've suffered immense pain that's been diagnosed as Trigeminal Neuralgic Pain (TNP) by a neurologist who prescribed me 25 mg Lyrica 2-3x/day for the weird pain behind my nose (especially when I talk or ingest anything inflammatory). Also a burning, hot sensation along my left gums and tongue. which also increases with anything inflammatory or too much talking. it's all very exhausting, and my energy is lower now.

I've also lost a lot of bone, so my face is sagging on the left side, including my ear lobe!!! I am a female, so this really sucks with earrings etc.
I want to be out of pain, and off meds. I've heard that NUCCA Doctor could release the trauma of the nerve so that it could start to repair.
Others tell me nerves never repair, but I refuse to believe that. The human body will always try to heal itself.
Brian from Hippocrates suggested the following:
1) fix with Nucca
2) realign with Pulse Magnetic therapy
3) Ingest/supplement with exosomes and peptides?

Has anyone else gone down this road to heal a similar issue???
From reading about NUCCA and related upper cervical chiros, I'm not so sure it will actually fix the neuralgia/ release the nerves. I've had an atlas adjustment before, and I can't imagine it fixing something like the trigeminal nerve along my jaw.
Thanks so much for any leads
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