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Types of Seizures

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i want to ask somthing about seziure (eplipsi) some say's the if one do EEGtest and if the EEG test shows nothing that means still there will be seizure, so how can a person with a seziure would be cure or if the EEG doesnt show the exact reasult what is the use of it, thanks
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Default wanted to mention the photo sensitive epilepsy aspect

HI loved the posting so much info am loving this site so far have been a photo sensitive epileptic for 18 yrs i was recently dignosed as having continues seizures even when i sleep i have had grand mall peite mall small jerks spacing i have had seizures from vidio games like some photo senitives but mine are most related to sunlight or lamps tiredness just wanted to share that it is so hard so far to find info on photo sensitive epipilepsy or find people like me iam searching the web and sites
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Hi Ellie,

I have what are known as Vitamin B6 Dependent Seizures, many different types including Status Epilepticus (these are refractory to Antiepileptic Drugs). My medication consists of B vitamins only (mainly vitamin B6). ** you may like to enter 'Pyridoxine Dependent Epilepsy' and 'Pyridoxal 5'-Phosphate Dependent Epilepsy' into the search engine to learn more about these rare seizure conditions. I'm sure, like me, you will find it very interesting.


Andrew (B6 dependent for over 43 years).
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Default HELP not sure what to believe

I am a 56yr old female and about 6 months ago I started smelling what I thought was smoke but no one else could smell it. I thought I must be getting a sinus infection. I started getting headaches, a little dizzy & an earache within a couple weeks of this and then I was sure it must be sinus. I saw an ear nose throat doctor and had a hearing test. They checked everything out including for vertigo and it all came back normal so I was sent to a neurologist. The spell continued but didn't really get any worst. After talking to the neurologist she thought I was having simple Partial seizures, Temporal Lobe to be exact and ordered an EEG. She wanted me to start medication but I wanted to wait for the test results. The EEG came back normal but the doctor still insists that I should start this medication. I am hesitant to start a life changing medication based on what a doctor thinks without any confirmation from any kind of test. Is this a normal practice of diagnosis. Does anyone know what I might be risking by not taking the medication if by chance this doctor is correct. So many of the symptoms that confirm this type of illness can be explained in other ways. How do you know when it is a seizure or menopause, or just a headache, or stress. I have experience da ja vue and would never have thought this was a possible symptom cause everyone experiences it from time to time. Is there a way to be sure that I am suffering from this illness before taking the medication?
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Hi, great list.

I know a definitive list of causes would probably be endless, but I think a useful addition to your list might be 'developmental disorders'. In my case, my doctor identified a 'grey matter heterotopia' as the cause. There seem to a be a few different presentations of heterotopias which may result in epilepsy.
From my understanding, as the brain develops the grey matter is supposed to migrate towards the outside but for some people, parts of it stop early. This leaves 'faulty wiring', wherever the grey matter is left in the brain, which can trigger localised seizure activity.

As a simplistic explanation, I'm sure I've not been entirely accurate, but you can find more detailed journal articles and websites to explain it, if you want.
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