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Food Dyes Leading to Seizures

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Wink Great to meet you!!

Hello and welcome, happy to see you have come to be with us, it a great place to be. As you can see we have a great number and caring fellow members here, where you have find a supportive and relaxing place. Have fun looking into the different forums. Our shoulders are here for support in many ways.

My advice to you is to start seeing an Epileptologist at an Epilepsy center you can find these Drs. at large hospitals or university hospitals these Drs. specialize in epilepsy. Start keeping track of each time a possible sz. happens write down what time it happens on a calendar along with a description of the sz. this will help the Dr. see if you have a pattern in your sz. if they happen at certain times of the day or night and what days of the month. Cut back on the carbs and starch foods and stay away from anything with nutra sweet because the nutra sweet causing more electrical activity in a persons brain and can trigger sz. sometimes. Something else you should do is if you go to the theater for a movie, tell him to shut your eyes and turn your head when they have flashing light coming out.

Please keep us up to date on your condition. Again welcome, looking forward to seeing you around. My thoughts and prayers are with you.



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Hi gdsjoy,

Welcome to the forum. My advice to you is to have your sons family Dr. refer him to see an Epileptologist (Dr. specializing in epilepsy) you can find these Drs. at large hospitals or University hospitals where there's an Epilepsy Center. I've had epilepsy for 43 yrs. and I have gotten the most help from an Epileptologist.
Keep your eye on your son and take note if he has a stare on his face or a daydream look often that is the first sign of a seizure, also if his pupils are dialated, he may say "where am I?", "What day is it?" along with your son wandering around or smacking his lips. These are all signs of either absence or complex partial seizures. Cut your son back on the carbs and starch foods, keep him away from anything with NutraSweet in it and don't let him get to tired or over stressed these are things that can trigger seizures for a person.
You may want to try giving your son vitamin B12 once a day it really did a great job reducing my seizures. I wish your son and you the best of luck and May God Bless the both of you!

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Darlene (06-20-2015)
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Default Hair Dye cause Seizures?

I had an interesting episode a week ago. I was dying my hair with ion hair color from Sallys Beauty Supply and working from home. I have used this hair color for years with no problem. Several hours after rinsing the color out, I was completely confused, seemed to have poor short term memory, did not recognize my own car in the driveway. I recognized people and knew enough to call someone. From there a barrage of tests ensued. Today I was told by the neurologist that I cannot drive because they thought it was a seizure and the overnight EEG showed slowing and sharp activity on the left temporal lobe. After a couple of days I felt fine but now am out of work because I need to drive for my job. I was prescribed a medication which I have not yet taken until I feel more sure about this diagnosis. It could be coincidence but I am not so sure. She said the hair dye would not cause the results from the EEG, but if hair dye causes seizures in some people, that seems to me it would show up in the EEG. Another thought was that I had been on Gabapentin for migraines. About a month prior I stopped gabapentin because it was not helping migrained but after a couple of months I was starting to have twitching in my left eye, elbow and leg. A week after stopping, the twitches ended. Pharmacist said that stopping the gabapentin even a month ago could have lowered my threshhold and caused me to have a seizure. I have no known history of seizures prior to this incident. Has anyone had experience or information related to this? The day I died my hair and the next day I have little to no memory of what happened and after that my memory and thought processes were fine. Thank you!
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