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Hands shaking, involuntary finger movements

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Default Hands shaking, involuntary finger movements


Sometimes when i am typing for a while about 10 minutes or so, it started to tremble with all the fingers gets so strained except for the thumb. The finger that strains most is the middle finger. I think the root of the tremors come from my elbow. It just couldn't flex as my left hand. I had no injury to the hands in the past. When I am using my right hands to pick up a glass water, it seems so weird because it looks like i am straining with the elbow just hanging up horizontally without flexibility and just like freezing while i drink the water into the mouth. Plus further more I am very conscious of what people may react when they see my hand were doing that, i am getting more nervous and sometimes i need to stop drinking and hold on for a second. It added up the tremors since people are judging me. However, the anxiety was the addition to the tremors on my right hand. I just need to know why is my right hands get freeze so fast. It also happens when I'm drinking alone. That will explain that these tremors does not occur because of the social anxiety. The fingers gets hard subsequently makes it strained and cause me to loose control of them. Ironically, it does not happened to my left hands. Luckily I am lefthander and i just have to do more things with my left hand. It just so weird to see my right does not function as my left hands. The involuntary movement that it makes cause me to be embarrassed about it. I don't know it originates from the wrist, or , the elbow or the shoulder. but i feel at the elbow the most.

For example , when i am typing, i would have to place my right elbow so that the hands would have less shakes but my left elbow seems to be balancing on its own and it does need to be placed on the table. Why i say less shakes if i put my right elbow on the desk is because it would be worst if i don't balance it on the table and shake horribly. That's terrible. I have told a neurologist before but the result was he said because of anxiety. If it is anxiety why it does not have the same conditions with the other hands. My left hand does not tremble if i am typing, holding a camera, or drinking water.

All of cameras snap button are on the right, because of that i mess up all of the pictures. my fingers just seems to freeze or make involuntary movements , as if they have a mind of their own. Why is it it does not occur in the left hand. Could anyone tell me may be it is affected from the brain or the shoulder or the fingers itself, or the hands, or the elbows.
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Wink I'm no doctor? But you mite want to check out ....

either first a neurologist to do nerve conduction studies or an orthopedic surgeon familiar with such problems as carpal tunnel...
I'd go to the neuro first? As surgeons are always seeming to DO SURGERY too fast or too soon? Tho a neuro mite take 2-3 months to get to see a good one? Make an appt. w/ the neuro and make it clear that you'd be open to some times when there are cancellations. Some folks cancel? And, then you mite get to be seen in 2 weeks!
To be honest? Could be sprained/strained/pulled muscles? Or something more 'nervy' meaning that nerves are damaged.
Often, rest in a wrist/or arm brace can and does help? But you'd also have your blood tested for deficiencies. [if the doc is good], and matabolic deficiencies as well. ASK for copies of these tests! They can help you learn a lot about yourself. Pay attention to the 'asterisks' [THESE- **] as they highlight good and bad aspects of YOU? And also the notes at the bottom of the tests which mite elaborate some things [tho, not always].
Often if it's carpal tunnel syndrome? [Which I've had/have] REST is key to healing..ergo the hand braces part. But braces are also a support! Don't forget to ask about Physical Therapy ....you won't get it unless you ask. And many insurances don't cover it? BUT, a really good therapist, can help you get back full function from either a pinched nerve or from carpal injury or surgery. Trick is? Finding good therapists! A totally different subject.
Good luck and don't give UP!
's - j
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