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Spinal Accessory Nerve Damage/Trapeze Muscle gone

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Default Thank you Doc!

Thanks so much Dr. Smith,
It's such a shame that there aren't any recent posts regarding this injury and procedure - am desperate to find someone who has had or is having the Eden-Lange Procedure!!
Any help is greatly appreciated!
I was informed today that I have a permanent disability with no chance of recovery - all from a "routine procedure"... Not good!!!
If there is any chance you have any contacts that would be willing to give me a second opinion I would be so grateful - I have had a surgical repair with no success.
I am in New South Wales, Australia!
thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me even though this thread is relatively inactive [such a shame!!!].
Sarah [Princessmorticia]
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Dr. Smith
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Originally Posted by Princessmorticia View Post
If there is any chance you have any contacts that would be willing to give me a second opinion I would be so grateful ...
Sorry, I don't; I'm not a medical doctor, and I'm halfway around the globe.

I would ask in the Thoracic Outlet Syndrome forum, as that's where many of the threads discussing it were.

Your lawyer would also be a better person to ask.

Best wishes,

Dr. Zachary Smith
Oh, the pain... THE PAIN...

Dr. Smith is NOT a medical doctor. He was a character from LOST IN SPACE.
All opinions expressed are my own. For medical advice/opinion, consult your doctor.
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Default Hi.

Hi Sarah.
Send me an Add on to Leesey Salvatore on FB if you like and we can catch up. I have Accessory nerve Injury due to Malpractice and I took it all the way to the Supreme court in Sydney. I was the first successful client to win a case based on this type of injury to the extent it was awarded. I was in similar situation to you, 2 young boys, unrelenting pain. It completely took over my life.
More than happy to talk with you.

Originally Posted by Princessmorticia View Post

Hello everyone,
Firstly can I tell you all or excited I am to have found this support group!
I am 39 & live in NSW, Australia.
In October 2012 I had a lymph node biopsy which went horribly wrong. The Dr severed my spinal accessory nerve & I now have all the things you are describing - it is my left side.
Left scapula winging, incredible nerve pain in my head and neck and shoulder, CRPS (chronic regional pain syndrome) in my left side, and only 30 degree or less abduction from the left arm.
My pain medication list is enormous & rather ineffective - I am taking lyrica day & night, tramadol morning & night, oxynorm up to 4 times per day, Targin twice a day & paracetamol twice a day.
My mental health is in a bad state and have been referred to a psychologist for help.
I had a repair done surgically in January 2013 which was unsuccessful.
I have since been back to my surgeon in the hope that he could do a nerve/muscle graft, but my injury was right at the branch & is apparently too risky.
I have a lawyer who is currently working hard on my case but I feel as though my whole life has been ruined by this injury.
I have 2 young sons & am a celebrant - my working abilities have reduced dramatically and my financial situation is dire - the medication is costing me more than I'm making and I can't get access to physiotherapy anymore due to the cost - he won't bulk bill me. I was having acupuncture and gentle exercises with him but neither of those things improved my situation much anyway.
Until last night I felt like I was alone in the world having no one to understand the pain and disability I've been left with after what was supposed to be a "routine procedure".
I am really keen to hear from any Australians who have been injured like this to see if I can get some contacts for a second opinion on the surgical front.
Thank you all so much - I'm really sorry you are all going through this as well.
My apologies for taking up so much of this thread I am new and not sure where to post!!
Sarah x x
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"Thanks for this!" says:
Cattle Dog (04-25-2015)
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Default Trapezius palsy and Eden-Lange procedure

Anyone, who had this surgery? I could not find any reference at all. I am planning to undergo one unfortunately, due to my n. accessorius damage. I am 20 y old and still want to do sports etc... this damage makes a lot of things impossible for me.

How's your recovery?
After months of the surgery is there any pain?
How strong the muscles are?
Is there any disadvantage?

Sorry for my bad English and thank you very much for your help.
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"Thanks for this!" says:
Lara (10-15-2015)
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Default Eden Lange and trapezius palsy

Hello and welcome to NeuroTalk,

You could try asking or reposting on the

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Forum

or you could use the

Forum Search Feature

for specific keywords e.g. Eden Lange


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Im hoping to find someone in this post who has had a successful outcome. Finding others with an SAN injury seems impossible.
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K R Kirk
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Hi my nerve was removed during a Cancer surgery it was unavoidable just trying to cope with it. I am/was a carpenter range of motion is not the bad part but the pain as a consequence of doing to much. 3 hours light activity then days to recover. Not using much for pain pills 60 Phone pills in 45 days average but to much inactivity I go stir crazy until I do anything then sit to recover. The US government says Disabilaty is ending yet I don’t know how to function 40 hours. I have steady pain then shooting pains the pills help with the steady but the sudden shooting pain I have no answer for. Has things improved other then learning to live with it.
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