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Don't know whats going on, anxiety-aneurysm-stroke-heart attack

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Default Don't know whats going on, anxiety-aneurysm-stroke-heart attack

Hi to everyone i am new. I am a 22 years old male-athletic used t go 3-4 times a week t the gym up until 2 weeks ago.
Basically 1 and a half year ago at night right after smoking i started experiencing vertigo which was soon accompanied by the most excruciating pain in my head that i have ever encountered. I am not sure if it was a cluster headache or a very strong drilling migraine because i have not had it since and it was in both temple whereas they says that a cluster one is only in one temple.
While on this headache I was with my knees in the floor, the vertigo was gone but I was in the floor for at least 30-45 minutes unable to move and wanting to bang my head in the wall or rip my hair off completely. I also had thoughts that I was having a stroke.
I am really worried and scarred tbh because in the last 2 weeks i have been feeling really stressed without a reason. I have been having many symptoms such as dizziness, lightheaded, tired, shortness of breath, pain in my chest, can feel the veins hurting in my body, some kind of a fracture in the bottom of my foot which hurts any time i walk and most importantly a constant migraine-headache in the temple area(especially right side). I don't know if there is any connection between all those and tbh i might sound like a crazy person but those are my actual symptoms. Also all my veins in arms are more visible than usual for some reason.
I had blood tests which turned out fine-doctor examined my heart which was fine and prescribed me diazepam to help with anxiety(3 5mg a day for 5 days). I have taken 2 because i want to avoid getting dependent on them and haven't been feeling at all anxious for the past week. I feel anxious whenever i think whats wrong with me, is it a stroke, a heart attack, cancer, i don't get it. When i read about cluster headaches i became terrified immediately. I thought it was a one time thing-which is not the case apparently. Every time I have a headache lately I have an extremely visible vein popping out in my right side temple, I can actually feel it move and can see it from 20 meters away. It was certainly not there a week ago. Furthermore, 3 days ago I felt a pop in the right right top side of my skull where a vein is. Today I noticed a tiny red dot in this vein in the temple area and and a bit higher I noticed another dark colored vein which is going towards the back of my head(can't see cause of hair).
Can anyone please tell me what they think about all those symptoms? If it was could it only be a one time thing?
Should i let it go and see how it goes or should i have an mri in brain/heart?
The headache is irritating and doesn't let me focus in anything-took paracetamol it didn't do anything. Its only in the right side of my head and it is getting me freaked out that I might have an aneurysm. It is literally all day - every day.
Cannot visit the doctor until tuesday due to easter.
Please any advice would help.
Need to mention that my mum had migraines at my age and still has them. I have no family history of any diseases apart from my grandma who had a stroke at the age of 85.
The whole situation make me feel really down and not in the mood to do anything. I've lost some kgs and have been out 2 times in the last 2 weeks at the moment.
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I'm sorry you haven't had any responses until now. I haven't been online much, and this site hasn't been very busy for some reason.

Since there's only 2 days left, just wait to see your doctor. You seem to be a very "wound tight" person, and you might want to be on some sort of medication for this. You did say you were on medication for Anxiety, correct? Do you take it regularly? As prescribed? You may want to talk to the doctor about the dosage. It seems like you're STILL extremely anxious!!!

Also, you may want to talk to the doctor about getting into therapy. I do think that therapy would help you a great deal. I'm sure it would be beneficial in helping to reduce your anxiety. I've been thru therapy and it really helped me. So talk to him about it -- he can refer you to a GOOD therapist. You won't regret it.

I wish you the very best. Please take care and God bless. Hugs, Lee
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aneurysm, anxiety, heart problems, hypochondriac, migraines

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