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Please read my symptoms and tell me if I might suffer from nerve related problem?

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Default Please read my symptoms and tell me if I might suffer from nerve related problem?


I'm not physically fit (skinny to average, with no particular muscle build). Approximately five years ago, I spent more or less a whole summer pushing a person in a wheelchair up some very steep hills on a daily basis. After doing this for a few weeks, I started having a numbing sensation just below my right shoulder blade. While I'm not entirely sure, I feel this arose after pushing that wheelchair, not being used to a lot of physical activity.
The numbness is quite strong in this one particular point, about 1-2 inches in size, then it spreads a little bit around that, but not as severely numb on the areas around the point. The numbness is not constant, but I get it everytime I put my arms in front of my body and especially if I either push (as if I'm lifting something) or push down with the arms in this position. I also get the numbness when I put my arms in various other positions, such as typing on a keyboard, carrying a bag, pulling a cart etc. If I sit / stand up completely still without moving my arms, I don't feel any numbness.
Lately I have experienced another area on my back that is numbing. It's located at the very bottom of my back, lower back area, right above the tailbone. I only get numbness there when I lay flat on my stomach for some reason and I don't know if it's related or not.

I have sought medical attention for the numbness below my shoulder blade on three different occasions. The house doctors have examined me and sent me to physical therapy, prescribed various anti-inflammatory medications, etc. Most of them refuse to even consider my problem being nerve related, but instead they say it's an inflammated muscle or something else.
They also took normal x-rays to make sure it was not something bone related, which according to the x-rays it's not.
The last house doctor finally sent me to an ortopedic doctor, who actually did say that the problem may be neurological, but they won't do anything about the problem, as I'm not experiencing any pain, only numbness. I basically just have to live with it, were his words. He said even to establish that it's a nerve problem, they would have to insert some kind of needles or electrodes into the nerves around the affected area, and this they were not going to spend any money on either.
I do live in a country with public health care, which has in the past been good quality health care, and we are known world wide for our health benefits, however recent years they have tightened the budgets and now almost nothing is considered treatment unless it's an emergency. I am very poor living on disability and I can't afford private health care.
The state financed doctors all refuse to refer me to a neurologist. That is how state financed health care works here, you visit a house doctor and they have to refer you to a specialist. Without this referal, the only option to see a specialist is by paying for it all yourself, and I cannot afford this.

Lately I have
Given the circumstances I explained, what do you think my problem is? Is it a pinched nerve? Keep in mind I feel absolutely no pain, only this really uncomfortable numbness. Can pure numbness / no pain be a nerve problem? If not, what else would it be? It's been going on for years and has not gotten any better at all.
What could be done to correct it? Is it worth having surgery or can surgery such as that most likely worsen the problem or cause other problems, and it's simply not worth opening the shoulder up trying to correct something unless it's "worse" than my problem?

Please share your thoughts, I'm getting nowhere with the doctors here.
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I would concentrate on some stretches in your area that bothers you. Surgery is the farthest thing in my mind for just about everything, last resort. And the last place I sleep is on stomach, never.

Could be a pinched nerve, strain in the area, over used, etc. Are you having relief at this point.
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My Mood: Please read my symptoms and tell me if I might suffer from nerve related problem?

Maybe look up trigger point information online, some you tube posture, stretching & alignment. Those can all be tried yourself at home, just don't try anything that might be unsafe..
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My Mood: Please read my symptoms and tell me if I might suffer from nerve related problem?

You might have some osteoarthritis in your shoulder though pain is often one of its clinical signs.

Can you get to see an arthritis specialist?
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