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Possible Damage from neck injury? What could this be?

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Default Possible Damage from neck injury? What could this be?

Hi! This is my first post on this website. I made this account to post this because I really need answers. I am currently 19 in my second year of college and have been having unexplainable symptoms since I was in 8th grade. I am pretty sure these symptoms are possibly linked to an injury I had in cheerleading the summer before 8th grade because it started right after but has gotten increasingly worse over the years. It is hard to explain so it might be a little long. This is what happened:

I was one of the bases and we were doing a twist cradle. This is where we throw the flyer up into the air and she twists around. When we threw her up, she did it wrong and came down right on top of my head knocking me to the ground. The whole midsection of her body (which I think is supposed to be the heaviest part) landed on the right side of my neck...I passed out and when I opened my eyes I couldn't move. I didn't know what had happened for a second and people tried to help me up but I had to lay there for five minutes until I could move again. None of the coaches checked me for a concussion or brought me to the person who dealt with sport injuries. They just had me sit out and kept asking if I thought I was ready to keep stunting. My neck hurt so bad that I could hardly move it and it was almost stuck sideways to the left. My mom picked me up and took me to the chiropractor after and he tried doing an adjustment on me and then gave me exercises to roll my neck. He also had me ice it everyday. My neck ended up being stuck sideways for 2 weeks and I just remember being in so much pain. I don't think my mom and I realized how serious neck injuries could be because of all the nerves that could be damaged and other reasons.

After this injury, I started to get weird unexplainable symptoms. I will try my best to put them into words because it is very hard to explain. So there are two things that began to happen. The main one can happen if I am sitting down, walking, working out, or even laying down. It mainly happens when I am walking though and lasts a minimum of 10 minutes up to an hour. It is a 'pulling to the left' feeling. Never to the right- always left. Whenever it happens, I can't straighten out no matter how hard I try and I feel weird because I am scared it makes me look like I am walking sideways. I dread walking across campus to my classes because it happens almost every day now. I get anxiety from it because I don't know what is happening and I can't fix it. My friend once told me it looked like I was walking more open instead of straight. It didn't happen as much in 8th grade as it does now. It occurred more frequently as years went on. Yesterday, I got this body pulling when I was sitting in my room and it lasted from 1pm-3am. I couldn't even sleep because of it. I have never had it for that long before so I tried calling my mom and tried to research it. I know when it is coming on because I get this weird feeling in my eyes and I start to feel the pulling until it gets stronger and stronger. It almost makes it hard to walk where I feel like I have to sit down. The second feeling relates to my head. If I am sitting, looking down at my phone, a book or a computer for awhile it can happen. Even if I am sitting in a lecture looking at the professor. This has also happened since 8th grade. I get the weird feeling in my eyes again almost like a spaced out feeling (not really sure how to put it into words) and then it starts to feel like pressure or something pushing on the back of my head and neck and my head feels stuck forward and my eyes feel like they lock in place looking downwards. No matter how hard I try I can't get my eyes to look up and my head feels too heavy and won't go up either. I have to put my hand under my chin to support it which still hardly helps. This can also last ten minutes to an hour. It doesn't happen as much as it used to and has never happened as much as the body pulling. These sensations feel very similar though.

My mom has brought me to many doctors over the years and i swear they all think I am crazy because it is just so hard to explain unless you experience it. They usually end up saying it is probably anxiety. I have dealt with anxiety since I started middle school but I know how my anxiety is and I can just feel in my gut that it isn't anxiety. Something just feels off. It happens even when I am so calm. If anything, it causes anxiety because I don't understand what is happening to me and I am embarrassed for walking weird. It is like they don't know what to say so they just throw anxiety out there. I feel like it is too weird that it started right after my injury but of course I never put that together until last year. I even got an MRI last summer to make sure it wasn't seizures but it showed up normal. Last summer I went to a cranial sacral therapist who said it could be caused by a pinched nerve and tried doing adjustments. At first when I got back to school it seemed like it helped because it didn't happen as much but then it got progressively worse again. I am assuming it is because I didn't keep getting adjusted if it really was from a pinched nerve because I have heard your body can revert back if it has an injury for that long. I also had gone to a functional medicine doctor who had no idea but just guessed it might be anxiety so she put me on amino acids which helped my anxiety in general but not the pulling feeling. I have only gotten the pushing of the head twice this year so far but the hip thing happens almost every day. My mom is trying her best to help me figure it out now and I have found people with the same issues of the pulling feeling online but no one ever seems to have an answer. I have to figure it out soon though because I can't live with it anymore. I am wondering if I got whiplash from that injury in 8th grade or some weird damage to my neck or maybe it isn't even related to it at all? Does any one know what it might be or do you experience something like this? Sorry this post is so long!
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My Mood: Possible Damage from neck injury? What could this be?

It might be worth looking into Upper cervical adjustments, and possible trigger points in the muscles.. info can be found under
NUCCA, National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association or Up C Spine

Trigger point info many sites have online some of it you can try yourself..
But it sounds like the upper cervical junction got knocked out of alignment c1 & c2..
It is more of a speciality than general chiro work.. but some general DC's do study it but don't use the X rays and fancy machines..
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Community Guidelines linked @ at bottom of our pages.
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