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sougata mukherjee sougata mukherjee is offline
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Default Could it be polycythemia or any abdominal tumors??

hello everyone!!! i am a 24 year old man and having a very hard time in my life..i know that the answers in this forum are not given by doctors , but, still i would be very greatful to anyone for opinions or ideas on the 3 queries that i have posted at the end of the discussion..please read the symptoms that i have posted towards the end few paragraphs..i am sorry for this lenghty post but please read it till the's a request!
In october 2018,i was having constant abdominal pain in upper left abdomen which was not going away..i went to a doctor..he learnt a lot about my lifestyle as to how i have veen ignoring my diet for a busy work schedule for quite some time..and the nature of pain it was..he examined my abdomen and said it was probably gastric ulcer.He asked me to get an USG done,a CBC test along with vitamin D test,thyroid test ,liver function and kidney function tests
The USG came to be normal( including the spleen and lymph nodes)..the blood tests for liver,kidney functions and thyroid tests were fine.but i had a massive vitamin D deficiency.The main defect was in the CBC report..The CBC values i am mentioning below with the normal range indicated in the brackets :

RBC 6.04 (4.5--5.5)
hematocrit 41.8% ( 40 --50%)
haemoglobin 13.6 (13--17)
WBC 8.0 (4--11)
neutrophils 54% ( 40--80%)
lymphocytes 41% (20--44%)
monocytes 2% (2--8%)
eisonophils 3% (1--6%)
basophils 0%
band cell 0%
platelets 185 (150--450)
RDW 14.1% ( 11--14%)
MCV 22.0 (27--32)
MCH 69.5 (83--101)
MCHC 31.9 (31--35)
ESR 30 (0--20)
So,clearly, i had high RBC count,high ESR and low mcv,mch and high rdw values.Also,in the report,it was mentioned that my RBC 's were HYPOCHROMIC ,MICROCYTIC.
When my doctor saw the report,he was not at all concerned about RBC parameters..he said i had iron deficiency ..when i asked him about the cause of elevated RBC count,which according to him was NOT SIGNIFICANTLY HIGH, he said my red blood cells were smaller in size may be due to lack of iron in the,to maintain normal haemoglobin and prevent anemia, my bone marrow adopted a COMPENSATORY MECHANISM,thereby increasing the RBC count..he said it meant efficient body functioning..but i could not understand it. if there is no iron in the body,then how can haemoglobin be so healthy, because body would be starved of iron??
He gave me some medicines for ulcer and recommended that i change my lifestyle,improve my diet and gave me vitamin tablets .
For one and a half months,the stomach pain was gone but it returned..i also had not improved my lifestyle and often used to take some rich spicy diet..i should have followed the restrictions but did not do it..In november 2018, i had allergy like infection and a tooth abscess ,so took antibiotics for 2 weeks and then got a TC DC with haemoglobin test done upon doctor recommendation
This time,my haemoglobin was 13.40, total WBC 7.0, lymphocytes elevated at 54 %, neutrophils dropped to 40 % and eisonophils,monocytes,basophils ,band cells the same as in the earlier test
There was not much concern for me,but the pblm is that i often used to get that stomach pain quite frequently and it never went away the 2nd week of march 2019, i went to a neuro doctor for some anxiety related pblms and he recommended medicines like mitrazipine,alprazolam and another medicine called meco B 1.5 ( on the net, i came to know that it is a folate increasing pill)..the neuro doctor asked me to get a CBC test done..i got it done in last week of march..the night when i got the blood test done,that night i felt feverish and noted a body temperature of 99.4 F..i had slight fever..for the next few days,my temperature was stuck at 98.4 or 98.6 but did not go above the red arrow mark..i had body aches all over and felt very weak and internally feverish..i started having pains specially in the armpits, shoulders, neck muscles ,elbows and upper back...i observed that the pain was mainly focused at the lymph glands..i also noticed two small,soft movable lymph glands that were painful just above the right collarbone..meanwhile i got back my blood report and this time something was TRULY ODD!
My CBC showed total leukocyte count elevated at 11.50, Total RBC count 6.0, platelets 195, haemoglobin 13.7,MCV 22.8,MCH 69.5, MCHC rised to 32.9,RDW increased to 16.8%, hematocrit 41.8%, basophils 00, monocytes 4%, eisonophils 5%, neutrophils 44% ( absolute neutrophil count 5.05) , lymphocytes 47% ( absolute lymphocyte count 5.4,which is very high) blood reports revealed that i had a serious infection which increased my lymohocytes and total WBC's to such high numbers compared to the last 2 CBC tests..BUT,i could not spot sign of any infection.. 7 days after i got the blood test done, i started having severe pain inside the throat and the ENT doctor said i had a serious viral pharyngitis infection..he gave me antibiotics and i took tons of them and it went away after 10 or 11 days..i was scared of lymphoma but the dictor said lymph nodes were fine and the pain was possibly due to infection..but i had blood tests done during infections on many earlier occasions but never saw such unusual numbers before.

10--12 days ago, i started getting the abdominal pain back and this time, it is over a larger area than the original one where it prevails around the lower left back to the upper left and also under and around the ribs.and at the back of the left ribs...sometimes i feel some sort of mild pain if i take a deep breathe ..whenever i try to lift an object or exert some pressure during some activity or just during urination, i feel that area beneath the left ribs pains and feels as if there is some obstruction there..that part also feels slightly swelled up if i compare it with the same place on the right abdomen..2 days ago, i have observed that my urine production is less than what it was before..the frequency has decreased..also the stream of flow seems to be narrow..i do not feel the strong urge to urinate as i am also having constipation and pain in the lower abdomen and middle abdomen while exerting force to clear the bowels..there are many other symptoms too..
for the past few days, i am feeling as if my throat seems to be choked at some times ..and there has been a strong itching sensation in my nasal passage ,inside my throat ,in my eyes and also i feel like sneezing many has been occurring for the past 10 days..the urine that i produce often turns out to be yellowish but sometimes, takes the normal colour..i do not have any yellowish tinge in the eyes..i am having palpitations,slightly low blood pressure(110/70) but my blood pressure on other days, mostly stays lower than this..2 nights ago, i took an antidepressant prescribed by a doctor and it produced rampage inside the heart was beating so fast as if it was going to come out, i was sweating profusely ,had loss of body coordination and felt extremely ill with breathlessness..the doctor has asked me to stop taking that medicine..that night i had to vomit a lot and the next day, i woke up feeling bloated inside the belly and pain in the stomach and vomitted again..i took gastric medicines and the pain was slightly relieved..Since then, i am producing less urine..i do not know whether it is due to less water intake,or dehydration due to vomitting or the sickness that i had that caused low water intake or something else??After that medicinal incident, i felt more sick as if i had been suffering from a long time..and the urine output night of extreme sickness followed by vomitting,taking less food in the same way one does when he feels sick , abdominal pain and gastitis, vomutting, reduced water intake and i felt veey sick the past 2 days..always felt nausea .. Here, the temperature is very high around 37 degrees and humidity too is high ..most of the people sweat a lot.throughout the day...i am no exception to this..But, now i notice that i feel very tired , feel out of breathe ,palpitations, high pulse rate of around 95 beats per minute and feel restless as if something is not right..i am always very concerned and anxious about my health and suffer from anxiety..It has been happening for 7 or 8 days in the past that particularly in the night, as i go to bed, i feel extremely restless , pressure in the head, and feel as if my heart would stop pumping blood..i feel as if i am going to get out of breathe specially while trying to sleep..there's a strange feeling of restlessness and ill feelings that i get..recently, i noticed that very easily through any mild activity like speaking or walking, my heart beat increases and so does my palitations by a considerable margin.There's pain and HEAVINESS in the lower left and middle abdomen which causes pain if it is presses hard upon..So, i went to another doctor and told him everything..He examined my abdomen (both sides) very thoroughly and said that he DID NOT think it is due to spleen or any other organ enlargement and said that he just felt a bulk of muscle moving under the ribs that i referred to as "swelling" which was not there before..He said probably my symptoms of the pain and heaviness were caused by some chronic ulcer and gastric problems but i am worried about something serious..I have a massive apthous ulcer on the lips that is not going away..and the palpitations, restlessness , high pulse,weakness and shortness of breath,..the doctor thinks that these are caused due to excess vitamin deficiency and massive electrolyte deficits..He advised me to take atleast 6 glasses of electrolyte per day and recommended vitamin tablets and gastric medines for one month..Because sleeping has been an issue for me, he also prescribed anti anxiety tablets..He said that i DID HAVE a pblm with blood counts and that was with RBC count..he asked me to get CBC,TICB , ferratin,iron and Hb electrophoresis tests to be done and another USG also if required or if abdominal pain persists..
I have read a lot on the net about MICROCYTIC POLYCYTHEMIA and i do not know whether my doctor thinks that i have got it or not..So far, i have n't had any night sweats, considerable weight loss,persistent fever, headaches, body itching or reddening of my skin.
I am not sure what i am going through...from the symptoms i feel it could be anything like blood disorders like polycythemia or gastric lymphoma which can cause swollen abdominal lymph glands and pain, it could be kidney related issues, liver malfunction, nutrient deficiency, heart related disorders or some mass or tumor in abdomen or intestines or other organs in the abdomen...It could also be a blood related cause..may be my haemoglobin has dropped from what it was last month..but others find it hard to believe that within one month, it would drop from 13.7 to such low values that are producing tiredness and breathlessness with palpitations..i will get the tests done as soon as possible....i must mention that my grandmom died of leukemia at age 84 in dec 2016..i am almost fully convinced that i am having some serious type of illness inside my body..i am extremely upset and do not know what to do..please express ur opinion on the 3 questions that i posted below :

Q1. The very first doctor whom i visited gave me an explanation that iron deficiency anemia is the reason why my body is producing so many small RBC's to maintain normal haemoglobin level..but it sounds very odd that if the ingredient of a substance is less in amount, how can normal level of that substance be produced via any compensatory mechanism??It may be possible that it is due to some defect of bone marrow..has anyone been through these symptoms??

Q2. i have read that microcytic polycythemia can cause chronic ulcers and gastric like pain in abdomen..i have high RBC count and feel tired and suffer from ulcer like pain that is chronic and it has spread to the back and lower abdomen as my symptoms appear as those of polycythemia??and is a bone marrow test always necessary to diagnose it?

Q3.Kidney tumors can cause renal infection or less urine output..can any form of tumors in the stomach and intestines or swollen abdominal lymph nodes cause reduced urinal urge and reduced volume of urine??And does it always cause constipation?
I will be extremely indebted to anyone who sheds some light on my queries.
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