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I just don't understand...

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Default I just don't understand...

I don't understand how I can have sooo much pain and the doctors just brush it off like I am not being truthful or that I am exaggerating my symptoms. I feel the pain, I feel the effects of lack of sleep, I feel the confusion, and most of all I feel the fatigue.

Each of these of course, feed of each other. I get that. I understand that. Sure it could be do to my fibromyalgia and CFS, but when I have pains that are so strong in places that aren't normal, they just brush it off.

For instance, I have been having a pain on my left side right above the rib area. You could even say it might be my top rib sticking and prodding me until I can't take it no more. I tell my doctor and he just says "I don't know what that can be, but I don't think it is something to be concerned with". Uh, how do you know if you don't check it out and know what exactly is wrong? I know that part of it is my fault for not standing up to the doc and saying "hey look, check it out or I will find someone else to". But when you are made to feel so stupid over the years for asking questions, you kind of just give up.

Another example, the other day I called my doctor and asked him to refer my to an endocrinologist (I don't have a HMO plan and I don't need a referral, but the office I called will only except patients if a doctor calls and schedules it) and he refused to give me one. He said he can do all the blood test that an endo can do. My concern is with my twitching all the time, my inability to loose weight, and other symptoms. Someone here gave me the advice to check out my thyroid for hypothyroidism or thyroidtoxicity. So I asked him if he would do all the blood test for that, the antibodies, TSH, T3, T4 and TRH. He said he didn't think I had thyroid problems, but "if I insisted" they would do the test. "Uh, well yea, that is why I called to get a referral".

I guess it all boils down to not really knowing what is wrong with me. The meds that I take for fibro don't work, the meds for depression barely work, pain meds don't do a thing and I have went through the whole concoction of meds. I am very tired of trying to find out what is all wrong with me. Maybe I am crazy or overexaggerating. Maybe I focus too much on my pain and not enough on getting a job. Can't get a job, because I am too tired and hurt too much. Oh well maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

I guess I have no questions. Just wanted to rant. Thank you for letting me do that.

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Hmm, I think I would try to find a more cooperative primary care Dr.
It doesn't sound like he is "involved" or actively working to give or find the best care for you.

You shouldn't have to feel like you are pulling teeth to get some blood tests.

I wish someone had suggested this to me - when I wasn't getting the best care from my doc for my RSI and comp claim. I should have found a better doc & a better atty.

ask around, make calls and check your med ins website for doctors listings-
it doesn't hurt to check around and get some names to consider.
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Smile Pain

First I would ask around and talk with people who are pleased with their PCP - one who listens and looks at the bigger picture and not at separate symptoms. Then weigh the pro's and con's of changing doctors. I have changed in the past when I came against a brick wall and neither the doctor or I agreed on treatment. There is nothing wrong with changing - it just means you do not mesh.
If you are not ready for a change, ask your doctor for a referral for a second opinion. Two lines of thought are always better. Your doctor should be open to this. If not, your really should take a long hard look at your primary.
Finally another option would be to see a pain management specialist who can review all that has been done and make suggestions on what steps to take next. I have a lot of faith in my neuro but he was very open to my seeing a pain management doctor when nothing was working. Both have come up with a treatment that has begun to address the pain and bring it into a controllable range.
Hopefully things will change for you and your will find some level of control. I know the problems you are having. Chronic pain can become a vicious cycle that robs you of sleep and energy. Don't give up - there is a doctor out there who can help you.
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