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Help interpreting test results

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Originally Posted by glenntaj View Post
--for the ferritin, iron binding capacity and Vitamin D, it's not easy . . .

Fortunately, I am familiar with the general reference ranges for these tests, and can say that the ferritin result depends on gender; if you are male that results is fairly well within range, but it female it is a little high. Similarly, your iron levels are pretty mid range, but the total iron binding capacity is very near the upper end of "normal" range, and the transferrin saturation is near the lower end of normal, especially, again, if you are male. This implies there is sufficient iron available but it is not being absorbed as efficiently as it could be.

You vitamin D levels would be considered low, and, of course, the anti-transglutaminase igA antibody levels are consistent with celiac disease.

The TSH is pretty much normal, but it would be more interesting if you had other TSH levels from the past to compare it with, to see if it has been gradually rising/falling or been pretty consistent.

Thanks, I am actually at female. I have had issues for years with my iron being low. I have been taking iron vitamins well over a year. I am starting vitamin d3 per my doctor. Even though I have been gluten free for 3 months I still sluggish. And was wondering how long it will take before I start feeling better.
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Default Given that--

--the iron levels are fairly consistent with supplementation.

Have you had low iron levels with associated with anemia in the past? That is very common in celiacs, who have trouble absorbing iron due to the villious atrophy, but it is also not uncommon among women with heavy periods (with or without celiac).

It does look like you should be supplementing with Vitamin D (the D3 form, not D2--the former is much better absorbed, and available over the counter). We have a major Vitamin D thread in our vitamin and supplements forum to explain all this and dosing protocols:


"Feeling better" is very subjective--but for many people it takes many months to 'normalize" after eliminating gluten--the villi don't heal and recover function quickly. And, you have to make sure you aren't getting inadvertently glutened from any source--even personal care products (toothpaste, shampoos) can contain gluten ("modified wheat starch", "binder", "thickener") and reading labels assiduously has to become second nature.
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Default results

my igg was 1.56 standard is <=0.90
my iga was 0.35 standard is <=0.90

im lost lol waiting on dr to schedule the endoscopy and colonoscopy... wondering if this test means i have celiac disease
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Default What tests are you actually referring to?

Are you speaking of anti-gliadin IgG/IgA, anti=transglutaminase IgG/IgA, or total IgG/IgA?

Anti-gliadin IgG is often the first test to go outside the range with gluten sensitivity, but it's also the least specific test for celiac among those in a standard gluten panel. The anti-transglutaminase IgA is generally the one most correlated with actual intestinal damage, but even that one is negative in around 20 percent of those people who actually show confirmed villious damage on endoscopy.
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